Forbes Announces 2022 Most Valuable Football Clubs Ranking

Real Madrid tops the list with a value of $5.1 billion.

Forbes Announces 2022 Most Valuable Football Clubs Ranking

Forbes Announces 2022 Most Valuable Football Clubs Ranking

“Forbes” officially released the 2022 “Most Valuable Football Club” rankings. This year, Real Madrid ranked the champion with a value of $5.1 billion, and its operating income reached $90 million. With the upcoming Champions League final, it will exceed $100 million. Imperative. Then the second place was won by Barcelona, ​​which also belongs to La Liga, with a value of about $5 billion. It is worth noting that Barcelona has currently spent $1.6 billion to build the largest football stadium in Europe. The third place is Manchester United, which is worth $4.6 billion. It is a pity that the Red Devils have stopped in the top 16 of the Champions League and have no chance to get the bonus for the 2022-2023 season.

Due to the epidemic, the average value of football clubs has only increased by 10% compared with last year, reaching $2.53 billion. In all professional sports, it only loses to the NFL, which is higher than the NBA. Among the top 8 most valuable teams in the world, only Two belong to football, the aforementioned Real Madrid and Barcelona. Below we have attached the 2022 “Highest Value Football Clubs” ranking, interested readers may wish to pay more attention.

Real Madrid: $5.1 billion
Barcelona: $5 billion
Manchester United: $4.6 billion
Liverpool: $445 million
Bayern Munich: $427.5 million
Manchester City: $425 million
Paris Saint-Germain: $320 million
Chelsea: $310 million
Juventus: $245 million
Tottenham Hotspur: $235 million
Arsenal: $205 million
Borussia Dortmund: $200 million
Atletico de Madrid: $150 million
AC Milan: $120 million
Inter Milan: $100 million
Everton: $94 million
Leicester City: $92.5 million
West Ham United: $90 million
Leeds United: $80 million
Aston Villa: $75 million

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