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The epidemic in Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia, was on the rise. On November 28, the official announced at the epidemic prevention and control press conference that 19 local confirmed cases were newly added in one day, and 1 high-risk area and 1 medium-risk area were added.

17 people were also diagnosed on the 27th the day before. Due to the rapid spread of the epidemic, Manzhouli City has been closed. All personnel and vehicles are prohibited from leaving the city. Nucleic acid testing for all employees is also in progress.

The announcement issued by the Manzhouli Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters stated that the city’s market trade market, cultural, sports, and entertainment venues are temporarily closed, and gatherings such as catering, weddings and funerals, offline meetings, and religious services are strictly prohibited. Public transportation such as taxis and buses in the city has also been suspended. All individual clinics, outpatient clinics, and community health service centers in the city have closed. All hospitals and health centers have suspended receiving patients except emergency, dialysis, pregnant women, tumor chemotherapy and other patients who must go to the hospital for treatment. Schools, kindergartens, etc. also suspended offline teaching activities.

At present, local public security has set up checkpoints on all traffic roads and urban entrances and exits in the city, strictly prohibiting vehicles from entering and exiting. Starting on the 28th, all flights will be cancelled, and railway trains will also be suspended.

Taiwan’s 58th Golden Horse Awards Ceremony was held on November 27th at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei. The Revolution of the Time directed by Hong Kong director Zhou Guanwei won the Best Documentary Award.

This film is based on Hong Kong’s 2019 “Return to China Movement” as a background, and through the perspectives of 7 groups of sports participants, it records this movement without a big stage and no leader. The scene covers key events such as the occupation of the Legislative Council, the 721 Yuen Long attack and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University conflict. Some of the demonstrators in the film have lost contact or are serving their sentences. Under the shadow of the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law, the film may not be shown in Hong Kong.

When the guest of honor and Golden Horse Movie Queen Chen Xiangqi tearfully announced the award for “Revolution of the Time” and “the winning film team could not be on site”, there was thunderous applause, and some people shouted “Come on, Hong Kong”.

Director Zhou Guanwei also choked on several occasions when he delivered a speech through the video. He first thanked Taiwan and emphasized that the ending of “Time Revolution” is written “produced by Hong Kong people”, so this work is dedicated to the conscience, justice, and Hong Kong. Hong Kong people who shed tears.

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