[Forbidden]To collect “exit tax”, Sichuan promotes normalized nucleic acid testing at its own expense | CCP’s epidemic prevention policy | Nucleic acid tax

[NTDTV, Beijing time, May 31, 2022]Under the CCP’s zero-epidemic policy, nucleic acid testing has been normalized in various places. Among them, Sichuan Langzhong’s requirement of “self-funded” normalized inspection has caused criticism. Some people have criticized that this is a “nucleic acid tax”, and ridiculed that China has become the first country in the world to collect a “export tax”. The authorities in Langzhong, Sichuan issued an announcement on May 27, requiring residents to conduct regular nucleic acid tests at their own expense starting from the 30th, at 3.5 yuan per person per visit.

This move attracted the scolding of many netizens: “Starting to rob!” “Normalization, basically, it can be understood as ‘nucleic acid tax!'” “The world’s first country to collect tax!”

A local health commission official responded to the incident on May 29 and said: “The government can’t afford it, we just implement the order.”

Some netizens asked: “If the government can’t afford it, the common people can afford it?” Others thought: “The authorities have hollowed out the medical insurance, and now they have to… pull the leeks!”

In order to appease the public, the Langzhong authorities issued a notice on the afternoon of May 29, renaming it to be based on the principle of “voluntary testing”.

On May 30, at a nucleic acid site, staff were carrying bags to collect money on the spot, and people took out change.

Some netizens said that, 3.5 yuan per person, a family of 5 people, assuming a 72-hour time, the monthly nucleic acid expenditure is 175 yuan, you can find out how much money the rural low-income households in Sichuan get a month. The netizen worries that this policy in Sichuan will obviously shake the overall situation of national stability.

At present, China’s economy is down and local finances are depleted. Many people believe that Langzhong’s self-funded testing may soon be implemented in various places.

Democracy Kang Penghu: “He is in a tight spot in all aspects, including the normalization of the government’s civil servants to reduce their salaries, and some places cannot pay their salaries. Including the medical insurance in Heilongjiang Province, the money cannot be allocated to the local hospitals. The hospital last year It started to close down. So many hospitals restrict you, don’t let you use medical insurance, and make you pay cash.”

Democracy Kang Penghu said that because of the shortage of medical insurance money.

Kang Penghu: “What should I do? Are the common people just leeks? Cut it! Moreover, these pharmaceutical companies and preparation companies have all taken away their money from the people within the Communist Party. This kind of corruption abounds. When the leeks were cut wildly. Now the leeks are no longer needed, and the leeks are also pulled out.”

On May 9, the State Council of the Communist Party of China held a meeting and proposed to establish a 15-minute walk for nucleic acid “sampling circles” in big cities. At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places have implemented normal nucleic acid testing policies.

Gu Guoping, a retired professor in Shanghai, said that he tested negative for nucleic acid every day, and his health code still turned into a yellow code.

Gu Guoping, a retired professor in Shanghai: “If you become a yellow code, you can’t travel. He uses this form to restrict your personal freedom. This is a new attempt by them to restrict the personal freedom of citizens. He asked to enter the supermarket. , take the subway, travel, you need to show your health code. If you have a green code, I will go with you. If you are not a green code, you can only use a yellow code or a red code. No. You will be deprived of the right to travel. You go out shopping, grocery shopping, and eating He let him in the streets and supermarkets, how can you live?”

Due to frequent nucleic acid testing in various places, the CCP Medical Insurance Bureau stated on May 26 that the cost of normalized nucleic acid testing will be borne by local governments and will not be covered by medical insurance.

However, due to the tight local finances, third-party nucleic acid testing institutions have fallen into the door of payment arrears. There have been self-media exposures, and some nucleic acid testing companies have government deposits. Some companies have borrowed 40 to 50 million yuan from banks. Some companies are owed hundreds of millions of dollars.

Mainland human rights lawyer Bao Longjun tweeted: “Does the government take away ordinary people if they have no money?” ! The cost of nucleic acid testing, from 270 to 120, to 80, to 68, has now dropped to 4 yuan. How is the price determined? Who is earning this national hardship?

Dong Guangping, a former public security officer in mainland China: “Governments at all levels, nucleic acid testing companies, and those who undertake the testing tasks must share the money layer by layer, and all the stolen goods. Locally, he has made a lot of money from nucleic acid testing, and he has distributed it. Great wealth. If the central government doesn’t give it money, and the medical insurance above doesn’t give him money, he can’t do it at all. He can’t do the tests at the people’s own expense. The fees he charges are too high, and people don’t have the money to pay for it, and the fees are lower for him. The cost cannot be taken care of.”

Dong Guangping, a former public security officer in mainland China, said that nucleic acid testing is the product of the eradication of epidemic prevention. Now that the zeroing has failed, the economy is facing collapse. Once the zeroing cannot be carried out, the nucleic acid testing will naturally end.

Interview Editor / Li Yunhou / Zhong Yuan

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