‘Forcing North Korea to return’, ‘Closing nuclear electricity plants’… Look for and seize the presidential archives

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The prosecution carried out two searches and seizures of the Presidential Archives yesterday.

The investigation workforce of the ‘Forced North Korean Return Case’ and the ‘Suspicion of Early Shutdown of the Nuclear Electrical power Plant’ arrived to check out the data of Moon Jae-in’s governing administration, and it would seem that previous Blue Home officials have been subpoenaed is about to come about.

By Lee Jae-wook.

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The Presidential Archives located in Sejong Metropolis.

The ‘Forced Return of North Korean Fishermen Case’ Investigation Group of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Workplace enters to perform a lookup and seizure.

Even so, within, yet another prosecutor’s investigative group was already conducting a look for and seizure.

The investigation team of the Daejeon District Prosecutor’s Business office first arrived on the suspected shutdown of the Wolseong nuclear power plant.

Both equally groups performed a search and healthy by picking out and searching by way of the necessary components from the Blue House.

To start with, the ‘Forcing the Return of North Korea’ investigative staff read through facts from a Blue Residence assembly chaired by Main of Staff members Noh Younger-min, two times right after North Korean defectors had been caught in the East Sea in November 2019.

It is to look at no matter if the Blue Dwelling has set a policy of returning to North Korea with out sufficient investigation.

The ‘Wolsong Nuclear Electricity Plant’ investigation staff verified the facts of the nuclear power plant closure policy.

The capable high courtroom, not the district court docket, should publish the search and seizure in the Presidential Archives.

It is a stricter review than any other seizures and lookups, and the Large Court docket has admitted that the White House facts needs to be checked for every investigative group.

A additional look for and seizure is predicted thanks to the suspected ‘removal of community officers attacked in the West Sea and manipulation of North Korea’.

That is, in all situations, crucial officers of the Blue House are at the similar time imminent.

This is Lee Jae-wook from MBC Information.

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