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The attractive Ford Capri coupe was introduced in 1968, and thanks to its Americanized appearance, it soon gained cult status in Europe. After the retirement of the name, Ford did not give up on the coupe, but no such model achieved significant success.

Now the Capri should return to the Ford range. However, don’t get too excited expecting some new sports coupe. On the contrary, Ford has already decided to cancel the classic car program in Europe and keep only the elevated ones (SUVs/crossovers), so the idea of ​​reviving the Capri model does not go beyond the name, writes b92.

At Ford, apparently inspired by the success of Puma, they decided to repeat the recipe.

The latest reports say that after the Explorer, the European market will get another electric model that will wear the Ford badge and have Volkswagen technology. It will be Ford’s second model based on the MEB mechanical platform.

In a recent interview with the UK’s Autocar, head of European design, Amko Lenarts, confirmed that reviving classic names is an important brand tactic.

He clearly pointed out that retro design is not the solution and that a completely new interpretation is much more interesting: “The audience likes that we bring back familiar names and bring them to new territory.”

Lenarts pointed out that the new model will bring a design breakthrough, primarily because previous feedback was bad.

“What really hurt me was that they said we were boring. And that was the part in which I was really involved,” said Lenarts.

“I said, OK, we have to come up with unique proposals: a car design that is clearly different, that offers a unique perspective that no one else has.”

That turn was announced by the Explorer, and now a new model described as a “sporty crossover” is in preparation.

Lenarts promises an “emotional” and even “se-si design” and says it won’t look boring. Although he did not confirm that it was the Capri, there are growing rumors that Ford chose that name.

Who knows, maybe Sierra, Taunus, and even Scorpio will return soon.

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