“Foreign body sensation, pain … be careful of lip filler side effects” How to get it safely?

Haidak Medical Journalist Director Cho Jong-jeㅣSource: Haidak
Recently, as wearing a mask has become relatively free, more and more people are interested in the shape of their lips. I tend to look for lip fillers for the purpose of making the overall shape of the lips thicker and more three-dimensional, or to enhance the lip line that seems to droop below.

Lip fillers are a procedure that can be easily performed using an injection method. The expected maintenance period is generally 6 months to 1 year, but the duration may vary depending on the type, concentration and mixing ratio of the filler. As the types of fillers diversify, much longer lasting fillers are released, and there is a tendency for fillers to be created just for lip fillers. Even if you receive lip fillers, the results can vary greatly depending on the product you receive and the condition of the patient receiving the treatment. For this reason, the process of choosing the product that suits you and checking it to ensure that you receive it safely is the most important thing before receiving the procedure.

When you first have the treatment, you may feel a strange sensation of a foreign body on your lips. This will gradually improve over time, and once it has settled down to some extent, it is unlikely that you will feel any discomfort as you get used to it. However, if you do not get better while watching the progress and still feel uncomfortable, it is safe to go to the hospital quickly and get checked.

In some cases, the filling may appear. This is a phenomenon that can occur when the filler is sprayed to a very thin layer or when too much is applied, and the existing filler must be dissolved and re-treated. Since the phenomenon is not likely to improve on its own over time, visiting an experienced hospital for the first treatment can prevent these side effects and lead to satisfactory results.

Side effects of lip fillerㅣSource: Getty Image BankSide effects of lip fillerㅣSource: Getty Image Bank

In addition, if the filler is injected too much, the shape is not smooth and bumpy, and depending on the degree, the nerve is pressed and pain is felt. Even in this case, melting of the treated filler needs to be considered. The molding process is important in the filling procedure. Even if you feel that the shape is not in order, it is desirable to go to the hospital immediately and proceed with the work safely without touching it arbitrarily. Finding a hospital that completes procedures such as molding and retouching with great care is a shortcut to expecting safe and beautiful results.

Lips are one of the thinnest parts of our body. Therefore, if you receive a lip filler, you should pay more attention to safety and check how much knowledge and rich experience the operator has. If you experience any symptoms of side effects, it is best to go to the hospital immediately for a proper checkup and take appropriate action quickly.

Written = Director Cho Jong-je, medical reporter in Haidak (Plastic surgeon)