Foreign Capital Air Restriction Orders Difficult to Flee Even 9 Selling Write a New Record After the epidemic, Three Legal Persons Sell 10.2 Billion Yuan | Anue Juheng

Although Taiwan stocks briefly turned red today (3), the selling pressure was still quite heavy. The broader market fell another 124 points at the end of the day to close at 13,300 points, hitting a new closing low in 23 months.9 sales, rewrite the new record after the cases, the three big legal persons pulled a total of 10.222 billion yuan.

Observing the changes in the funds of the three major legal entities, the investment credit purchases exceeded 1.241 billion yuan, 13 consecutive purchases, the self-operated sales exceeded 2.09 billion yuan, 2 consecutive sales, and the foreign capital also sold more than 9.379 billion yuan, sales in a row 9. The record of selling for more than 9 days was already during the global stock market crash in March 2020, when it sold for 12 days in a row.

In terms of weight stocks, TSMC continued to decline, falling another 1.18%, closing at least 417 yuan, reaching a near 2-year low. MediaTek and Hon Hai were relatively supported, with a decline of less than 1% ; ASE Investment Management and Quanta fell by 3%. Largan, Zhibang, and Nanya all fell by more than 2%.

However, despite the continued decline in the SCFI index, Japanese airline share prices rose sharply, Taiwan Container Sanxiong fell and also rebounded, and Wanhai rose half to the 4% limit, Yang Ming, AVIC, Siwei Airlines, Yumin , Taiwan Airlines, and Evergreen rose 2% at the same time.

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