Foreign Consultant Living in Thailand for a year, gaining weight of 10 kilograms, read the comments “Thai netizens” laughing at the top of their lungs rocking

Thailand has never lost to any nation in the world. Post foreigners say that they live in Thailand for a year, their weight has increased by 10 kilograms, but they still want to ask for more cool shops. This event, local netizens flock to recommend Say one word to me, I can’t comment.

In the case of December 30, 2022, a foreign man was Post a request for advice on Facebook. Buffet lovers Enter a clear, easy to understand message that “hello everyone! I gained 10 kg in one year in Thailand. I want to gain more. Can you recommend a restaurant with high quality beef shabu? I would like to recommend a restaurant for me please.”

After the question was posted There are many Thai netizens who come to give advice in a kind and friendly manner. By replying in the same language as the owner of the post. They are expected to bring their own dialect to translate into Thai in translation applications such as

“Oh mother, I hope the deer will try it and gain 10 kg more weight within the next year.”

“Oh baby, you must have tried papaya salad.”

“Oh, Daddy! in the list you mentioned you haven’t tried Not many one-eyed men’s shops, have you? He used to eat at this restaurant You should go and try it.”

“Oh honey, go to my restaurant.”

“Oh baby!! If you experience the grilled buffet, premium meat, seafood, Japanese cuisine, you will know how much it is worth. I’ve already touched it I ate it alone, my stomach hurts.”

“Oh baby, I got 2 kilos of roast beef. That part of the pork belly is full of good fats. Can you help me eat it? Try. Have a good day.”

In this event, I can tell you that as well as Thai food, it is as delicious as any man in the world. Thai people still keep the concept of being funny like any other nation in the world regularly too.

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