Foreign investment battle royale hit a new low of 27.702 yuan this year | Anue Juheng

Foreign capital has withdrawn 40 billion yuan from Taiwan stocks today (21) and remitted them. Although exporters actively sold foreign exchange before the Lunar New Year, they could not resist the downward trend. 6.6 points, a new low this year, the total transaction value of Taipei and Yuantai foreign exchange market exploded, reaching as high as 2.68 billion US dollars.

The New Taiwan dollar exchange rate turned black again this week, with a cumulative depreciation of 7.8 cents or 0.28%.

Taipei stocks and foreign exchange fell together. The exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar against the US dollar showed a tug-of-war in early trading, and the trading was light. However, during the session, foreign capital began to expand remittances and staged a capital battle. Depreciated by as much as 9.8 cents.

However, the decline in the New Taiwan dollar gradually converged in late trading, with a final depreciation of 6.6 cents to close at 27.702 yuan, the lowest point since December 27 last year. The transaction value of the Taipei foreign exchange market expanded to US$1.971 billion, and the transaction value of the Yuantai foreign exchange market reached US$709 million, the largest volume in recent times.

Taiwan stocks opened lower and lower today. Electronic weight stocks such as TSMC and MediaTek dived. Financial and container stocks such as Sanxiong were under heavy selling pressure. After the index broke 10,008, the decline continued to expand, and finally collapsed 318 points to close at 17,899 points. , hit a record low in one month.

Observing the performance of major currencies, according to the statistics of the central bank, the US dollar index rose 0.26% today, the Japanese yen rose 0.47%, the Singapore dollar and the Chinese yuan both gained slightly, the euro depreciated by 0.27%, and the New Taiwan dollar fell by 0.24%. The Korean won fell 0.13%.

The recent exchange rate trend of the New Taiwan Dollar. (Picture:



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