Foreign investment closes in three significant groups and transfers funds to 2 biotech shares, attracting notice | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Inventory Information

Taiwan shares rose 44.88 factors nowadays (17) to near at 15,465.45 details The a few massive lawful persons offered about 1.585 billion yuan, and international investors offered 3 in a row. 2 biotech stocks are beneath the highlight.

According to figures on the more than-investing scenario of the 3 important businesses now, the foreign sales exceeded 1.926 billion yuan, which is 3 sales in a row the investment trust bought far more than 1.074 billion yuan, which is currently 39 consecutive buys, placing a file for the longest ongoing invest in in heritage the self-operated business enterprise bought in excess of 734 million yuan, even sold 2.

Amid the prime 10 foreign potential buyers, in addition to the a few tiers, which include 15,400 Evergreen, 15,300 LiSMC, and 11,200 Datong, the following get is: HTC, Yuanta CSI 300 Zheng2, Dongyang, Lamex, Hon Hai, Baoling Fujin, Elite.

It is value noting that international buyers purchased 7,825 Tremendous-Moments and 5,293 Baoling Fujin respectively currently. Amongst them, international traders bought Super-Instances for 3 consecutive times, and the range of super books bought attained a peak new this yr, while the The range of Tremendous-Occasions bought by Baoling was a new large this 12 months, with the variety of brocade sheets reaching a new significant.

In the major 10 elements sold by international traders, there are 13,400 Huatong, 11,800 CITIC Gold, and 10,400 Taishin Gold with much more than 10,000 copies. The following purchase is: Huaxin, Innolux, Huahang, Yangming, Sun Semiconductor, UMC, Geng Ding in addition, Yuanta Gold, Taiwan Organization Silver, Mega Gold, Yushan Gold, Heku Gold, and so forth., whilst they are not amongst the major ten sellers, they are all foreign-investment targets below tension. It can be noticed that international cash proceeds to withdraw from economic shares.

AUO bought 11,600 copies in the major 10 buys by Trader Not only has AUO acquired AUO for 14 consecutive days, but the quantity of copies has been amplified to a lot more than 10,000 for the first time the rest are: Taiwan Cement, Huaxin, MSI , Yongfeng Gold, Ying Yeda, Dacheng Steel, Gigabyte, Dalian University, and Time.

The top rated 10 investment decision rely on suppliers are: Macronix, Hanxiang, Huatong, Century Metal, Zhonglei, Huafu, Zhishen, Zhenyao, Ronggang, and Zhangyin.

House owners of the top 10 in shopping for, Yuanta S&P crude oil inverse 1 received the 1st area with about 14,300 purchases the rest are in order: Yuanta CSI 300 2, Innolux, AUO, CITIC Battery and Electricity Storage, Guangyu, Huaxing Xin, Cathay Pacific Smart Electric Vehicle, Fucai, HTC.

Entrepreneurs bought the prime 10 components, Fubon Unique Collection Large Dividend bought 65,600, Yuanta Taiwan 50 Reverse 1 33,700, Cathay Pacific Sustainability Significant Dividend 27,500, Futures Brandt 2 1.62 bought 10,000 copies and residuals marketed 10,700 copies in buy: Fubon NASDAQ again 1, Cathay Pacific American Dow Jones again 1, Yuanta High Dividend, Huatong, Yuanta S&P Oil.

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