Foreign investors knocked into airlines and container duo to draw nearly 90,000 on dips and then withdraw the financial group | Anue Ju Heng-Taiwan Stock News

Taiwan stocks plunged by more than 200 points today (29). Back-testing the quarterly line support. Driven by the electronics group, the final drop of 41.3 points to close at 17,328.09 points, holding the half-year line, the three major legal entities bought more than 4.321 billion yuan. Among them, foreign capital covered nearly 90,000 airline and container duoes on dips; continued to withdraw funds for financial and property transfer groups.

The three legal persons only self-employed stood in the short side and sold over 1.745 billion yuan, foreign investors bought back over 6.057 billion yuan, investment letter bought slightly over 1.91 million yuan, and the three major legal entities bought over 4.321 billion yuan in total; in futures, foreign holdings increased their holdings. The number of long positions was 1575, and the number of open positions for short orders fell to 18,480.

Foreign investors knocked into the aviation duo on bargain, China Airlines ranked the top with 52,000, and Evergreen had 18,000; the container duo Yangming also had more than 10,000, and Evergreen bought 6,209; electronic stocks included 15,000 from AUO, 11,000 from Winbond, Acer has more than 10,000, and UMC, Macronix, Innolux, and Jingsus also have more than 4,000.

Regarding foreign overselling, 11,000 Fubon Gold was adjusted, Taishin Gold, Yuandajin, Cathay Gold, Yushan Gold, and Taiwan Enterprise Bank exceeded 5,000. At the same time, the shareholding of the inherited group was reduced, including 9083 Dacheng Steel, 8907 Datong, Taiwan gathered 6,131 and Guoqiao 5,459, and Hon Hai also reduced the size by more than 10,000.

In terms of credit purchases, Winbond and AUO respectively received 2722, 2077, and Taiwan Cement, Nuvoton, Wistron, and Inventec each had more than 1,000. Far Eastern New, Uni-President, Yuantai, Quanta, etc. also received additional credits.

For the over-selling part of investment credit, 3897 development gold was the most, followed by Macronix, Jingsus, China Airlines, UMC, ASE Investment Control, Yaju, Catcher, Taiwan Ban, and Dacheng Steel.


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