Foreign Liquor Shop: People stage protests : Nattu Visesham

Foreign Liquor Shop: People’s Protest

Sunday, January 29, 2023 12:50 AM IST

Mundur: Officials slap foreign liquor outlet for cheating people Enough is enough. Women and children under Samyukta Samara Samithi in Mundur Kaplippara Those who have been part of the struggle for three days. The police and other related authorities to protect the life and property of the people of Mundur Kalipa is to see drivers patronizing the foreign alcohol outlet.
The consumer-fed outlet operation started here in the evening of 25th. But the outlet ignored the militants, including women and children, he could not act on them Kongad police immediately reached the spot with the security forces Even if you speak in persuasion or you have to die in this war The point of view of the fighters is that they will not go back.

All the time people are stuck here without leaving. Bandhapetta deceived these locals by saying that the organization is not starting, and the groom has given permission for this. On this main road from Desiyapath to Palakkeer temple Families stay at Rukanak. Local people staged a protest against partisan political division

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