Foreign media “Grandpa Oh Young-soo writes a new Golden Globe history”

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Choi Won-jin = When actor Oh Young-soo of Netflix’s original series ‘Squid Game’ won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor for the first time as a Korean actor, foreign media praised him as “writing new history”.

[사진=골든글로브 홈페이지]

On the 10th (local time), CNN reported, “Oh Young-soo of ‘Squid Game’ made history at Golden Globes.

CBS Broadcasting said, “This year’s Golden Globes were held more quietly than usual without any live broadcasts or events, but some star actors made history.” Oh Young-soo was the first actor to win the Best Supporting Actor award.

The broadcast praised, “The 77-year-old Korean star actor has played roles in TV and movies, including over 200 theatrical stages.”

Reuters reported, “Actress Oh drove the popularity of the hippie ‘Kanbu’ grandfather.”

Forbes announced, “‘Squid Game’ was awarded the title of Netflix’s most popular work at once. Among them, Oil Nam was a drama fan’s ‘favorite’ character.”

The day before, the British Daily Mail predicted that actor Oh would win this year’s Academy Awards. The media explained, “The Golden Globe Awards are usually a good indicator of who wins the Academy Awards that year.”

This year’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony was held modestly without red carpet events or live broadcasts. In February of last year, the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association (HFPA), which hosts the Golden Globes, was known to have no black members, causing a controversy over racism.

NBC announced that it would not be broadcasting live at this year’s awards ceremony, and several Hollywood actors boycotted their attendance. Actor Oh Young-soo and other actors from ‘Squid Game’ also did not attend the awards ceremony.


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