Home World Foreign media slammed the Burma Army Systematically unfolding torture across the country – fresh news

Foreign media slammed the Burma Army Systematically unfolding torture across the country – fresh news

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Foreign media slammed the Burma Army systematically exposed to torture across the country

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Foreign media slammed the Burma Army – AP reported that Since the Burma Army’s seizing control of Myanmar (Burma) on Feb. 1, the junta regime has systematically tortured those arrested in all areas across the country.

The revelation is the result of interviews with 28 victims who have been imprisoned and recently released by the Burma Army. of the AP news agency United States Along with evidence from photographs, drawings, letters and witnesses, three former Burma Army soldiers escaped.

The AP investigation has revealed a bigger picture of the situation going on within a prison process where more than 9,000 victims have been detained, while military and police officers have killed at least 1,200 civilians. in the midst of political insanity

Although most of the incident took place within the Burma Army’s barracks. But there have been some in places where the Burma Army has converted them into interrogation centers, such as the community courtyard and the old palace. The AP relied on evidence from victims’ accounts, witnesses and satellite imagery.

Foreign media slammed the Burma Army

satellite photo Burma Army Investigation Center (AP)

The report stated that The Burma Army has a long history of torturing individuals in custody. Especially before the transition to democracy in 2010, although most of the torture took place in ethnic areas, this behavior has now reappeared across the country.

The AP’s investigation found that torture techniques used in the Burma Army remained similar to those in the past, such as refusing to sleep. fasting food and water electric shock forced jump frog Beaten with bamboo-clad concrete blocks, batons, fists and shoes of the captors.

However, the torture that occurs in this era is worse than in the past. because it happened within interrogation centers and prisons According to the Association for the Aid for Political Prisoners (AAPP), at least 131 people have been tortured to death since February. past

Torture often begins on the road. or after officers broke into the suspect’s home Some had died before being taken to an interrogation center.

Ko Bo Ki, a former political prisoner and joint secretary-general of the AAPP, said army officers tortured to vent their feelings and then tortured to extract information. He thinks that the brutality of the Burmese army in this era has increased more than before.

Foreign media slammed the Burma Army

Captain Lin Ted Ong (AP)

Captain Lin Thet Aung, a former Burma Army officer in Chin State In the western part of the country it said the military had taken steps to hide evidence of the tortured death of two detainees and forcing bodyguards to falsify the cause of death documents.

Capt. Lin, who fled the army in April. confirmed to AP that Military torture has become widely used since the last coup.

“It’s my country. In addition to the unfair arrest They also face torture, violence, sexual harassment. These things happen all the time,” he said, “Even prisoners of war should be cared for and obeyed by the law. These items have been sold out since the coup. The world needs to know what’s going on here,” Capt. Lin said.

Capt. Lin also revealed that Interrogation Techniques is a course taught within the Burma Army Military Academy. There are both theory and performance. He and his fellow soldiers who escaped together agreed that the principle taught by the military was that “if you can do it, you can extract information. Whichever method you use, it doesn’t matter.”

The AP has contacted the Burma Army for clarification on the investigation. but only received a reply saying “The Army has no plans to answer these nonsense questions.”

last week Myanmar’s military has been trying to restore its image to the international community by vowing to release 1,300 detainees and suspend trials for another 4,320, but it is unclear how many have actually been released. And how many people have been taken back?

However, all of the released interviews revealed that they had been tortured by authorities, with only six who said they did not see them. But his friends were tortured, among them women and children.

The AP found two instances where torture was to create false confessions. While many of those released were forced to sign documents stating they would obey orders and obey the army. One woman stated that He was forced to sign a blank document without any letters.

All those released through the AP interviewed separately. It was found that prisoners from the same interrogation center often provided consistent information from location to menu if given.

The AP also sent photographs of the prisoner’s wounds to the Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) pathologist, who examined it and confirmed that it was caused by a solid rod-like beating wound.

Foreign media slammed the Burma Army

Pathologist Lindsay Thomas said the nature of the wound was a bruise from the beginning to the end. Thus, it is not a wound from a beating or beating, but rather a serious beating.

The AP also had the opportunity to interview the sisters, family, friends and lawyers of a prisoner who was tortured to death by officers. including receiving a paper on which the prisoner drew the condition of the prison Indicates crowded living conditions and full of abuse

The condition is consistent with photographs taken from inside the extremely dirty and overcrowded prison. Most of the prisoners had to sleep on concrete. The number of prisoners sleeping together was so large that there was no place to bend in while sleeping.

Foreign media slammed the Burma Army

Some prisoners also fell ill from drinking contaminated water from the only water source available, the communal toilets, while others had to defecate in plastic bags or cisterns full of cockroaches.

Medical services are almost nonexistent. One prisoner described a failed attempt to deliver a message of aid to a critically injured 18-year-old friend. Because the officer used combat shoes to stomp his penis against the brick floor

The political prisoners included two-year-old women and children, as well as some women who were held solitary confinement in Yangon’s In Seng Prison, which officials admitted. Prison conditions were intended to be as bad as possible. because they want society to fear and obey the army

The whole situation also comes amid the coronavirus pandemic, with one female inmate who said one of her inmates had died of coronavirus. in which he and everyone are infected Because the nose has lost all sense of smell.

The atmosphere was even more terrifying during the night as the officer’s interrogation heard the relentless howls of pain. One of the prisoners revealed that

“The room I was in was very scary. There were blood marks on the ground. scratches on the wall In the corner of the room there was a pile of blood that other fellow inmates vomited,” and said, “They will torture us until they get the answers they want.”

“They told me that this is a military investigation center. There are no laws here, just guns. and then make it disappear No one will ever know,” the 21-year-old former inmate said.

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