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Foreign scientists question the efficacy of the COVID vaccine, a British drug that Thailand prepares to buy.

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COVID-19 vaccine That Thailand prepares to buy Are being questioned about the effectiveness of the infection prevention This could delay the approval of the vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccine Of Astra Seneca British drugmaker I am facing a question in academic circles about the efficiency rate of One Scene. After before The company stated that the AZD1222 vaccine, developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford. It has an efficacy of Phase III clinical testing in order to protect against infection by 70%. The company is preparing to seek approval for use in accordance with US regulations. And the European Union at the end of this year

Questions about the effectiveness of the vaccine followed for several days. After the company stated that Such vaccine “Highly effective” in preventing infection But did not specify the details of the test

AstraZeneca’s test indicated that volunteers were required to receive a total of two doses of the vaccine. The test in the first group of volunteers received a very weak vaccine. But is effective against 90% of the infection

While those who received the vaccine in the second group Who received a full dose of vaccine But it is effective against infection at 62%, which from both vaccines. Conclusions mean anti-infection efficacy of 70.4%. This has prompted many scientists to question its reliability.

Professor Peter Openshaw from Imperial College London Noted that At the moment, only limited information is disclosed. Therefore, we have to wait to study all information first. Which matter Both the US and European drug regulators may have different views. This could affect the plan for the application that the company is preparing to apply within December.

AstraZeneca, a leading British pharmaceutical company Revealed Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2020, that they needed to research the COVID-19 vaccine. More of them After scientists questioned the effectiveness of infection prevention. But strongly Further testing is unlikely to affect European approval.

Astra Seneca Company It was released after it was reported that the company had conducted research to the highest standards. Which the company prepared to study more such information after finding that Using the half-dose of the vaccine May be more effective than full dose

Astra Seneca CEO Pascol Sorillo said the company will conduct a new study to assess whether Why is the vaccine in the lower dose? Therefore it is more effective than full-dose vaccination. The company also stated that Additional tests may be required in other country groups. It is believed that the additional testing will not delay UK and European plans for the application of the vaccine.

For the Covid Vaccine of AstraZeneca. It is a vaccine that the Thai government has prepared to sign for a reservation and purchase with a budget of 6,000 million baht, hoping to provide 26 million doses of the vaccine for 13 million people at risk by mid-2021.


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