Foreigners continue to bomb, wait to collect 1,550, collapse the bank, risk recession >> Thai stocks fell by the region, negative 1.30%, falling off the support line 1,590 points, against the rebounding European market. Dow futures plus Institutional investor skills Foreigners resell 4.37 billion baht, leaving another 16,229 million baht in debt instruments, depressing the baht’s depreciation. SCB Securities gives the next support line 1,575 points. Nomura Securities recommends falling into the frame of 1590-1570 points as a point to gradually increase weight by 5-10%. BCH, CHG Trinity Securities pointed out important support lines. 1,550 points Bualuang Securities raised the record for the first time, the Delta virus hit the S&P 500, down 7% Omicron this time, downside -5 to -7%, down -2%, hoping the Fed would extend the interest rate hike. support the world economy

On Nov 29, Asian stock markets continued to sink for a second day, led by Japan -1.63%, followed by Thailand -1.30%. The index closed at 1,589.69, down 20.92 and Hong Kong -0.95% due to fears of spreading. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus, or Omicron, as Japan closes its borders to prevent foreigners from entering the country. both business travelers international students and foreign internship students from Tuesday, Nov. 30

However, the situation was better than last Friday. Each market plunged more than 2%, partly due to a positive jump in European stock markets. And the Dow Jones Industrial Average rebounded more than 250 points or 0.7%, including the price of crude oil rose more than 5%. Now there is news that Omicron is not severe. If true, it will be a positive sentiment for the market.

For the shares that were dumped by the commercial bank group from concerns about the slower-than-expected economic recovery Or may slow down in the 4th quarter, including strong selling of travel-related stocks, aiming for AOT, the price dropped 60 baht, down 5% and hotels with income from Europe, MINT, SHR, while electronics stocks and the maritime has risen to stand out

As for institutional investors, 3 groups continued to sell their shares for the second day. In particular, foreign investors sold net 4,370 million baht and sold debt securities up to 16,229 million baht.

SCB Securities revealing that the selling pressure is in the same direction as the regional stock market The index slipped out of support at 1,590 points, while the next support was 1,575 points. The main selling pressure came from the transport, energy, banking sector, while the buying pressure came from the electronics and ICT sectors. Suggest strategies to sell, reduce portfolios or avoid Global Play and Reopening.

Trinity Securities Company Looking at the stock market, it’s easy to face correction. The timing of the outbreak of the new Omicron strain Occurs during high stock markets around the world. Especially in developed countries such as the US and Europe, it is fragile and the Fed will begin to tighten its monetary policy. Base case assessment if it proves that the impact is not different from the traditional vaccine group. causing investors to immediately reduce their concerns believe that strict measures The output is limited to international travel only.

“Evaluation of the index’s first support frame at 1,580 points and key support at 1,550 points. It is recommended to avoid MINT, CRC, S, AOT, including oil groups,” said Trinity Securities.

On the other hand, in the worst Worse case, there is a high likelihood that the index will slip out of a key support of 1,550 points if the lockdown is to the point of limiting people to stay at home again. Is there a tendency to bring concern about Double dip recession or new species coming into Thailand? which hoped that would not happen

In addition, look at the important variables If an unfavorable situation arises believe that banks In particular, the Fed has a high tendency to reduce the rate of acceleration of the QE program and to slow down interest rates.

In the short term, speculative money has been moved into stocks that benefit indirectly from the outbreak, such as hospitals and rubber gloves, etc. But medium-long-term investors are not recommended to invest in these stocks. Because if it proves that this new species is not very scary. These stock prices have the opportunity to fall sharply immediately. For safe-haven stocks, both short-term speculation and medium-term investment, to expect a stable positive Earnings momentum to Thai agricultural food exporters, excluding the weak baht factor, choose XO and ASIAN. Be the top pick of the next group.

Bualuang Securities Comparison of the first covid delta epidemic in Oct. 2020 puts the S&P 500 index down 7%. Omicron is expected to have a -5 to -7% downsod, but down -2%.


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