Foreigners sell 9.7 billion Thai stocks and move into bonds. Escape from the banking crisis : PPTVHD36

The closure of three US banks and the problem of a large Swiss bank without liquidity. has caused volatility in capital markets around the world in the past week. In particular, foreigners sold Thai stocks hard for 9.7 billion baht, but were found to be moving to buy the Thai bond market as much as 7 billion baht.. The broker indicated that next week it will move within the range of 1,535 – 1,585 points ■ Keep an eye on the key issues of the Fed meeting: March 21-22, an increase in the policy rate

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Over the past week (March 13-17, 2023), the Thai stock market (SET Index) fell sharply to its lowest level in 8 months at 1,518.66 points before gradually recovering. Due to the concern of the US banking sector after 3 banks faced liquidity problems. Until ordered to close the business These factors encourage the sale of all groups of stocks. Especially the bank group

During the week, the SET Index fell briefly again following the news of a major Swiss financial institution.

After that, troubled financial institutions began to receive help from the shores of that country, which helped to ease some of the investors’ concerns until the SET Index recovered. Yesterday, March 17, 2023, it closed at 1,563.67. The point is down -2.25 % from last week’s level.

As for foreign investors, they sold Thai stocks heavily all week at 9,735 million baht, but it could only be a portfolio adjustment. Because foreigners returned to buy the Thai bond market as much as 7,103 million baht, divided into short-term bonds of 162 million baht and long-term bonds of more than one year, 6,941 million baht, including 3,411 million baht of bonds which has ended. , leading to its holding by foreign investors on 17 October, totaling 1,067,071 million baht

It can also be reflected from the baht. Returned to a one-month high, closing at 34.13 baht per dollar. at the end of the week

Kasikorn Research Center believes that Thailand’s stock index has support at 1,535 and 1,515 points, while resistance is at 1,575 and 1,585 points, respectively. and domestic political issues

For important US economic data, including new home sales. sell second hand houses Durable goods orders in February. Including March PMI (preliminary), while other overseas factors include China’s March LPR interest rate, the BOE meeting, February inflation figures for Japan and the UK, as well as Japan’s March PMI (preliminary) and the Euro


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