Foreigners sweep ‘trains’… “Keep moving money with Samsung Electronics”

They found that foreigners continued to make the largest net purchases in the KOSPI, focusing on large-cap stocks in the electrical and electronics and auto industries. According to the Korea Exchange on the 29th, foreigners bought a net 12.499 trillion won in the KOSPI this year until the 26th.

According to industry, the amount of purchases was the largest about 13.22 trillion won in electricity and electronics, 3.4961 trillion won in transportation equipment, 938.2 billion won in finance, and 745.7 billion won in insurance. Net purchases of large cap stocks (within the top 100 by market capitalization) accounted for the majority at 11.9 trillion won (95%). In other words, foreigners bought large-cap stocks intensively in electric vehicles and electric vehicles. The stock that foreigners bought the most was Samsung Electronics, which has the largest market cap, with a value of 9.8147 trillion won over the past five months. It was followed by Hyundai Motor (1.2703 trillion won), SK Hynix (1.1146 trillion won), Samsung SDI (971.8 billion won) and Kia (550.4 billion won).

Of particular note is that the buying intensity of two top semiconductor stocks, such as Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, is getting stronger this month. Foreigners have bought more than 500 billion won from Samsung Electronics in one day three times this year, and twice in May (19th and 26th). There were three cases (16th, 25th, and 26th) of SK Hynix this month alone where it bought net more than 200 billion won in one day this year.

Kim Dong-won, a researcher at KB Securities, said, “The amount of foreign net purchases of the KOSPI and Samsung Electronics this year is the highest since 1998, when the Korea Exchange began collecting statistics.” As a result, the inflow of funds to Samsung Electronics is expected to continue for now.”

Song Myeong-seop, a researcher at HI Investment & Securities, said, “Almost all leading economic indicators have turned up,” and “real demand is expected to improve during the third quarter.” Hi Investment & Securities raised its target stock prices for Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix to 95,000 won and 127,000 won, respectively.

In the auto industry, as Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors posted record performance in the first quarter of this year, foreign buying continues. Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors posted a combined operating profit of 6.5 trillion won in the first quarter. Kim Joon-seong, a researcher at Meritz Securities, predicted, “Hyundai Motor maintains a lower inventory level than the industry average, and will continue to achieve top-line growth and profitability improvement in the future.”

Song Seon-jae, a researcher at Hana Securities, also said, “Over the past three years, the global market share of Hyundai Motor Company and Kia has continued to rise, and sales of medium and large vehicles have increased, so the unit. the selling price has also gone up.” The shareholder return policy will also be an attractive factor for the share price in the future.”

However, as electrical and electronics stocks and motor vehicles are representative of economic sluggishness, there were also concerns that there was a risk that stock prices would fall due to sluggish performance according to the global economic trend in the future. The recent rise in stock prices has also been identified as a risk factor for foreign net buyers.

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