Forestry Czech land coordinating “Aunt Ad” has inspected the tenant for 5 years.

In the case of Mr. Weera Somkid, secretary of the network People Against Corruption Mr. Thanawat Sanidsakdee, director of PLT Region 1, filed a complaint at the Hin Son Police Station, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province to sue Mr. Yuenyong Opakul or Ed Carabao, music artist for the famous life Possession of land Nor Sor 3 Kor, Plot No. 1, a total of 35 in the National Protected Forest. Thap Kwang-Muak Lek Forest, Saraburi Province, on 2 charges: improper issuance of rights documents and encroachment on permanent forests of a national forest area and accused forest officials of neglecting to perform their duties believed to be illegal issuance of title deeds

Progress at noon on November 29, Mr. Ratchaphon Pattaranakruang, Director of Forest Fire Prevention and Control Division Forest Resources Management Office 5 (Saraburi) Pol. Col. Kiattipong Thongpian Investigation Group Superintendent, Saraburi Provincial Police Lt. Weerathorn Champa, ISOC Saraburi Provincial Police Lt. Col. Samphan Muenpinit, deputy inspector (investigation), Hin Son Police Station, case owner, Niwat Chaisaeng, Village Head, Village No. 2, Tha Khlo Sub-District, Kaeng Khoi District, joining Forest Police No. 2, PTTEP Sor went to Moo 2 area, Tha Klo Sub-District, as reported, that the area is separated from the paved road Kaeng Khoi – Salaeng Phan, km 14, a small gravel road deep into the forest, next to the mountains, a distance of about 2.5 km. The entrance is a hill. cleared and poured concrete There is a fence gate to block the entrance and find Mrs. Joy (fictitious name), aged around 30, presents herself as the caretaker of the area. he came out to welcome the staff who came to inspect

After inspecting the area, Mr. Ratchaphon Pattaranakruang, Director of the Forest Fire Prevention and Control Division, Forest Resources Management Office No. 5 (Saraburi) revealed that a complaint had been received. A road was made into the area of ​​Mr Yuenyong Opakul or Ad Carabao, leading a group of agency officers. The concerned person went to the area to investigate the facts and found Mrs. Joy, the caretaker of the area. In informing the officer that he is a tenant of Add Carabao’s property, there is a fence from the entrance to the area where Nor Sor 3 is located. Currently calculating how many are rising. takes the coordinates sent Relevant agencies are investigating the facts in detail. or mining concession areas that still overlap Must apply to check for some first If it is clear that it is a reserved forest area, continue to file complaints

Mr. Ratchaphon went on to say that for Mrs. Joy, the caretaker The area is fenced off to show the occupation of the area. That way until it reached the area claiming to be asking for the publication of title deeds. He will calculate and inform how much space is encroached or not to the investigating officer as the examiner After the result of checking the exact coordinates, the matter will be sent to the investigating officer.

Colonel Kiatphong Thongpian, Superintendent of the Investigation Group, Saraburi Provincial Police Station, said that investigators would be a Person who collects various evidence from relevant officers who came to verify the facts of this matter After this, an appointment will be made to advise each other to come in and check together again in order to proceed with the next legal process.

Mr revealed Niwat Chaisaen, Head of Village No. 2, Tha Khlo Sub-District, that the area was bought by Mr Yuenyong Opakul or Add Carabao from Mr Chamras Julapa since 1992. Is it a wagon or an area that the villagers use it as a way up and down. find forest products such as bamboo shoots In the past it was a corn forest. The area in question is August 1, not a land title document, because it is not evidence issued by the government. only Land Possession notification by the people only, not yet Sor 3

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