Forgetting that his son is dead, 89-year-old Weng goes to the streets every day to look for his son. “Neighbors feel upset and help lie” | International | QUANTITY

Very sad! An 89-year-old man in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, lost his son 2 months ago. He was too sad to forget about it. He went to the street every day to find people. The villagers knew about it, but they could not.’ t bear to tell the truth and has decided to hide it The news has sparked a lot of discussion.

The old man has gray hair, and has to walk with crutches. He goes to the street every day to look for his son. When he comes across someone, he asks, “Have you seen my seventh son coming home?” But in reality, the old man’s son was 2 months ago, he died unexpectedly, and his youngest brother also died.

The old man was suffering from cerebellar atrophy and had forgotten that his son had died. (Photo / Retrieved from Weibo)

The daughter, Ms Zhang, mentioned that since her brother died, her father’s condition has been getting worse and worse. She always thinks that they are still alive. They always look for her brother at lunch time , and always goes to the street. The people of the village know this situation. Collaborate with his family to lie and trick him home. As the old man had cerebellar atrophy, he thought it would be good to forget about him. “Every time I see my old father, I feel very sad.”

This issue has caused heated discussions on the Internet, and netizens have left sad comments, “Why should there be a death, I can’t imagine what would happen to me if the old man in my family died” , “This world is quite warm , I hope the old man can live in this In a white lie”, “It’s really too sad, the brain automatically protects and removes the memory of excessive sadness”, “Pity the hearts of parents in the world”, “If you can, who doesn’t want to forget?”

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