Form a band to drink alcohol, eat pimp eggs, die tragically, 2 dead bodies, 5 more relatives tell the story

Form a band to drink alcohol, eat pimp eggs, die tragically, 2 dead bodies, 5 other relatives tell the story Go ask a fisherman for a cup of pimp to eat. before the tragedy happened

At 10:00 am on March 20, 2023, the reporter traveled to Wat Bang Kradan, Bang Pid Sub-District, Laem Ngop District, Trat Province, where the first two bodies of the deceased, Ms. Premwadee, aged 62, whose relatives brought the body to make merit for 1 night by Ms Premwadee He died on the afternoon of March 19, 2023.

Another pavilion is where the body of Mr Thanya Singbandan, aged 57, is located, but the body is still in the hospital. Because the doctor took it for an autopsy first. Relatives have prepared a place. preparing to cook to wait for the body to be used for the first night of making merit

Mr said. Wachiratham Wechsart, 40, son of Ms. Premwadee, that her niece called to inform her that her mother was drunk. caused by eating pimp eggs Vomiting until there is no strength So told the grandchildren to take the mother to the hospital And traveled from Chanthaburi province to see the symptoms. that the doctor couldn’t help in the end Mum later died. He did not know with whom his mother went to eat, where, and how. Because I personally have never eaten pimp eggs. For him, he suggested that he should not eat pimp eggs. Because I don’t know when to meet the toxic one.

The nephew of Mr. Thanya that Mr Thanya went to drink alcohol with his aunt. and ask for a cup of pimp from fishermen to make a pimp egg salad with liquor In it the members of the drinking band will be relatives and friends of each of the 7 people when they disperse. Mr Thanya went back to bed as usual. But in the morning, relatives found Mr Tanya sitting dead on the sofa inside the house.

“That day, if I had been at home, I would have eaten too. He probably wouldn’t survive being poisoned by the spider’s eggs. namely pimp eggs which are usually aunts and relatives Eating together every year In addition, the pimp egg comes out once a year, and most everyone eats it. But the reason why pimp eggs are poisonous Because pimps are likely to eat poisonous algae. causing poisoning in horseshoe eggs which in the future will be careful when eating pimp eggs.”

However, those who joined the band were found to be drinking alcohol and eating pimp eggs this time. Five other people were poisoned, one in hospital, and four others recovering. for this incident Trat Provincial Public Health Office Report of the incident on March 18, 2023, between 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM, there were 7 villagers in Bang Pid Subdistrict, Laem Ngop District, and Tha Som Subdistrict , Khao Saming District, brings a cup of pimp to eat as food to accompany liquor. and poses a danger to the body and life