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“Dying Light 2 Stick to Humanity” officially enters the factory for production, and the game is expected to be launched on February 4, 2022. Picture: Reversed from Dying Lgiht twitter

The sequel to the living dead parkour game “Dying Lgiht 2: Stay Human” (Dying Lgiht 2: Stay Human) announced in September this year that it would postpone the launch schedule to February 4 next year for better game quality choices. It finally comes today (1 ) There is good news every day. The official Twitter stated that the game has been produced and officially entered the factory for filming. At the same time, it is also grateful to the fans for their unyielding support. They will bring the best gaming experience to the players.

“Dying Light 2 Stick to Human Nature” is a survival horror action role-playing game. It was originally a sequel to the 2015 “Dying Light”. The story is set in 15 years after the end of the dead. Survivors have left their lives on the ground and gathered. Build new homes at the top of the city, but in addition to fighting against the dead, sometimes the living talents are even more terrifying.

The city is divided into seven areas each with landmarks and characteristics. Each area has different resources and materials for players to make weapons and supplies. The sequel will have three different factions, including “survivor”, “peacekeeper” and “renegade”. The three parties occupy different areas. Players will decide which faction to cooperate with. Any decision will affect the subsequent plot of the game. Towards.

“Dying Light 2 Stick to Humanity” is expected to be launched on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and other platforms on February 4, 2022.



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