Home Entertainment Former AKB shopkeeper accused of sexual harassment “That’s me!” The person himself made a mysterious excuse “Other women or worse”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Former AKB shopkeeper accused of sexual harassment “That’s me!” The person himself made a mysterious excuse “Other women or worse”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

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Former idol ramen shop owner Mayuka Umezawa (24) accused “ramen critic” of suffering sexual harassment, and food journalist Hantsu Endo wrote on her blog, “That, It’s me! “

On September 28, 2021, Hantsu updated his blog entitled “Hantsu Endo’s Opinion on Mayuka Umezawa” and has been receiving a lot of attention mainly on SNS.

  • From Mayuka Umezawa’s tweet (@MAYUKA_YAGUMO)

“It causes trouble for other ramen critics”

It all started on the 24th, when Mr. Umezawa announced on Twitter that he would refuse to enter the “ramen critic”. In the post, Mr. Umezawa said that the critics he met were “only people with terrible mounting or sexual harassment” and “we had only a minus.”

In addition, Mr. Umezawa released on Twitter on the 27th the exchange at the time of dinner with the ramen critic “Mr. H” as “sexual harassment received from the ramen critic”. According to it, Mr. H asked Mr. Umezawa, “I will not take a picture of the face, so let me take a picture of only the body.” After that, Mr. Umezawa wrote that he would have been slandered if he had not contacted him.

Mr. Umezawa’s accusation was also taken up in the information program “Good! Morning” (TV Asahi) broadcast on the same day.

After that, Mr. Hantsu updated his blog before dawn on the 28th, and in response to Mr. Umezawa’s accusation, he claimed to be the party.

“Mayuka Umezawa was banned from ramen critics, and it was broadcast on TV Asahi’s” Good Morning “, but that’s me!”

At first, Mr. Hantsu was planning to wait and see from the principle of “do not raise his hand to women and children”, but when his friends pointed out that “it would be a nuisance to other ramen critics”. , Reveals that the blog has been updated.

“Mr. Umezawa’s case is still better.”

Mr. Umezawa was uncomfortable, complaining that he was photographed without permission during the dinner by a critic who drank alcohol, and then wrote a slander.

Regarding this, Mr. Hantsu looks back on his drinking habits as follows.

“This is terrible, Hantsu Endo. It’s just an erotic father.
I know because I’m the person himself, but he’s a good guy in the daytime (so good), but when he drinks, he gets drunk and suddenly changes, or he’s a bad person in about 30 minutes after starting to drink, or his personality collapses. Become a person. I’ll start to say Tondemonai. ”

On top of that, he said, “Mr. Umezawa’s case is still better. Other women and even worse.”

Regarding the shooting of Mr. Umezawa, he recalls, “I think I thought I would use it for the photographs of the married woman series.”

During this period, Hantsu published a creative post called “Married Woman Series” on Facebook for friends only when he received a job such as a mystery shopping at a restaurant with a married woman who was close to him. It is speculated that he took a picture of Mr. Umezawa as part of the project, but he said, “I don’t remember because I’m drunk.”

“It’s okay to raise your hand to a woman or a child.”

He also denied any slander to Mr. Umezawa.

“I contacted him several times, but there was a post that seemed to be slanderous if I ignored it, but no. It’s not.”

Mr. Hantsu says that there is a note about Mr. Umezawa on Facebook, but it is a friend-only post, “It is not a slander, it just happened.”

After spelling out such an excuse, Mr. Hantsu calls on Mr. Umezawa not to attack.

“Sometimes there are people who attack Mr. Umezawa, but that’s not the case. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay to raise your hand to women and children (flatly).”

After that, he apologized to his peers, saying, “I didn’t mean to do that, but I unexpectedly caused inconvenience to ramen critics and food journalists. I’m sorry.”


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