Former AV Actress’s Secret Past Exposed on Wedding Day, Leaving Groom in Shock

Bride’s Secret Past as AV Actress Surfaces on Wedding Day

Former AV actress Mizuki, 32, recently had her past unexpectedly revealed on her wedding day, leaving her groom in a state of shock. Mizuki had kept her audiovisual work a secret from her husband, believing he was unaware due to her lack of fame in the industry.

The revelation came during a dinner celebration, when a close friend decided to give a heartfelt toast. In an unforeseen turn of events, the friend publicly acknowledged Mizuki’s previous stint as an AV actress, causing both her and the groom great embarrassment.

After the wedding, Mizuki’s husband confronted her about the truth. Though initially denying her involvement in AV, Mizuki eventually confessed to acting in a few AV productions. However, she claimed to have vague memories of those experiences and was unable to recall her stage name. Despite searching for hours, the couple could find no evidence of her past endeavors online.

Seeking further reassurance, Mizuki’s husband questioned whether she had any other secrets. Mizuki vehemently denied having any hidden truths, assuring her husband that there was nothing else to unveil. Worried that more revelations may surface in the future, he urged Mizuki to distance herself from the friend who had unintentionally exposed her past.

Despite the shocking discovery, Mizuki’s husband displayed immense understanding and love for his wife. In an effort to move forward, he proposed keeping the incident behind them and never discussing it again.

Mizuki disclosed that she had participated in eight AV films without anyone’s knowledge, with only her close friends in the industry aware of her endeavors. She also revealed that her friend Asai, who attended the wedding, was also an AV actress. Asai had achieved more success in the industry and often competed with Mizuki. It is speculated that jealousy may have motivated Asai’s inadvertent revelation at the wedding.

Bride plays AV and never tells her husband Until on the wedding day, a friend spilled a secret while giving a blessing. Awe the groom Should I continue or is this enough?

Foreign websites Interview report ofFormer AV actress using the pseudonym Mizuki, 32 years old. The source reveals unexpected experiences When a close friend gave her a blessing and told the world about her past, she used to play AV in the middle of a wedding, whicha secretthat no one knew before causing her groom to be in dire shock

Mizuki she said she met her boyfriend and got married when she was 27. She has never revealed any background about her audiovisual work in the past, and sheI don’t think he knows because she’s not a famous actress.What, until the wedding day? During the dinner celebration


Acai He got his best friend drunk and got up to say good wishes. says to her groom, Grateful for recognizing Mizuki’s past as an AV player, she shouted and thanked him non-stop. Mizuki was shocked and embarrassed, while Mizuki was horrified and embarrassed.When the groom heard this, he was shocked. And I tried to force myself to laugh like it was just a joke.

after the wedding day Mizuki’s husband asked her. Has she ever acted in an AV? She knew she could no longer hide the truth, so she accepted it, much to her husband’s disappointment. Her husband tried to ask what her stage name was. She said she didn’t have the exact name. and she only acted in a few stories She herself could barely remember those things. He and she searched for her past on the internet for hours but couldn’t find anything.


However, the husband asked Mizuki further. Does she have anything else to hide from him? She denied having any. Her husband said bluntly: If he finds many of her works He may not be able to accept it. But now it has not been found yet. He therefore asked not to talk about the past any more andAsk her to stop hanging out with that friend. Because they believe they mean no good and have the intention of revealing his story.

in addition Mizuki is grateful to her husband with all her heart. That he still loves her, he tells her that we don’t need to fight about this. Just pretend it never happened.


Mizuki revealed that she filmed a total of 8 AVs without anyone knowing about it. Except for close friends who also worked together, after that Mizuki gradually left the industry. He also revealed that His female friend Asai was also an AV actress. She looks better. Signed a film contract and she had more work than her at that time Asai often competed with her at that time. Now maybe she’s jealous that Mizuki is happy.

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