Former candidate Lee Yoo-jung, who called’the responsibility for verification of the motherland’, is not guilty of stock allegations

A former Constitutional Court judge candidate Lee Yoo-jung was acquitted on charges of violating the Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act on the 22nd. [연합뉴스]

Former Constitutional Judge Candidate Lee Yoo-jung, who was accused of avoiding damages caused by stock price declines through stock trading using undisclosed information, was released from the charges at the first trial. At that time, when the former candidate resigned after 24 days of nomination, the responsibilities of the former Justice Minister Cho Kook, who was the chief civil servant, were raised.

On the 22nd, Judge Kim Jin-cheol, the exclusive judge of the Seoul Southern District Law Criminal 6, sentenced the former candidate innocent to the former candidate who was accused of avoiding a loss of 81 million won in stock transactions using undisclosed information from a health functional food manufacturer,’Natural Endotech’. .

The Ministry of Justice said, “It is difficult to see that the information obtained by the defendants has accuracy and objectivity when synthesizing the court testimony of the concerned parties,” and “it does not seem to be as detailed as it clearly affects the investment decisions of investors.”

Lee, the former candidate, was nominated for the Constitutional Judge in 2017, but resigned as it became known that he earned a market margin of 1.22 billion won in one year and six months from investing in KOSDAQ and unlisted stocks ahead of a personnel hearing. In particular, in the case of Natural Endotech, which was invested by the former candidate, it was even faced a trial on suspicion of stock trading using undisclosed information. At the time, the stock price of Natural Endotech was 91,000 won in April 2015, but within a month, it fell to 10,000 won due to a’fake white water wave’. In the process, many investors suffered significant losses, but this candidate avoided losses by selling the stock before the plunge in stock prices. Natural Endotech was the client of the law firm Won’s case to which the former candidate belongs.

Meanwhile, when former candidate Lee resigned in 2017, Cho’s accountability theory, which is the center of the Blue House’s personnel verification line, arose. The following year, former Minister Cho announced the improvement plan, saying, “I will humbly accept the criticism of personnel verification,” as the then chief civil servant. This included a question on the specific purchase process of unlisted stocks in the preliminary questionnaire.

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