Former Deputy Prime Minister Yoo Il-ho and former lawmaker Shin Eui-jin appointed as general advisor

People’s Strength Presidential Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol announces the results of the election of the head of the Election Countermeasures Committee at the Supreme Council meeting held at the National Assembly on the 25th. 2021.11.25/News1 © News1

On the 3rd, Yoon Seok-yeol, the presidential candidate for the People’s Strength, appointed former Deputy Prime Minister Yoo Il-ho and former lawmaker Shin Eui-jin to the positions of general special assistant to the Central Election Countermeasures Committee.

The People’s Power announced on the same day that it had announced a plan to appoint an additional election committee, and announced that it had recruited 27 former and current lawmakers, including former Deputy Prime Minister Yoo and Shin, as well as experts from various fields.

Δ Former Deputy Prime Minister Yoo (Economic Policy Advisor) Δ Former Member of the National Assembly (Special Advisor for Child Violence Prevention) Δ Former Director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) Δ Mok-hee Lee Former Editor-in-Chief of Seoul Newspaper and Heung-bo Jeong, Former President of MBC Chuncheon (Public News Special Advisor) ) was appointed.

In the policy field, the ‘People’s Sympathy for the Future Policy Group’ will be launched. Koh Jin, chairman of the Korea Meteor Bus Industry Association, Cho Eun-hee, former head of Seocho-gu, and Wang Yun-jong, professor of international business at Dongduk Women’s University, will serve as co-chairs, and former president’s office policy director Jin-sik Yoon will act as a standing advisor. A former member of the House of Representatives was appointed as chairman. Rep. Kim Eun-hye, who has Daejang-dong, Seongnam-si as a constituency, and Park Soo-young, a former administrative governor of Gyeonggi-do, will each serve as vice-leaders of the ‘People’s Inspection Team for Lee Jae-myung Corruption’.

A new committee was also established. Choong-sang Lee, a professor at Kyungpook National University Law School, was appointed as the chairman of the Judicial Reform Committee, and Sang-min Lee, a senior research fellow at the Nara Salim Research Institute, was appointed as the chairman of the Economic and Social Committee.

The ‘Global Vision Committee’ was chaired by Rep. Park Jin, who served as the chairman of the People’s Power Special Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security. Kim Seong-han, former 2nd Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Kim Seok-ki, Cho Tae-yong, Tae Young-ho, and Shin Won-sik were appointed as vice-chairmen. Rep. Park Seong-joong was appointed as the head of the People’s Communication Headquarters, which is affiliated with the General Support Headquarters of the Senior Citizens’ Committee.

People’s Power said, “We will do our best to listen carefully to the opinions of experts and the public in each field and to actively reflect them in our policy promises and candidate actions.”

(Seoul = News 1)

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