Former DR Congo health minister was arrested for Ebola's real funds: police

Former DR Congo health minister was arrested for Ebola's real funds: police

KINSHASA – Congo former health minister, Oly Ilunga, was arrested over allegations that he put public funds off to tackle the Ebola epidemic, the police said Saturday.

Ilunga, who retired as a health minister in July after being reached as one of the country's Ebola response team, was kept in a flat in the capital of Kinshasa before he went to flee. from the country, officials said.

He is in custody because of "misconduct of mismanagement funds allocated to Ebola's response," said police spokesman, Colonel Pierrot-Rombaut Mwanamputu, with AFP.

Ilunga will be sent to prosecutors on Monday, he said.

He comes to question Ilunga in August as part of his inquiry into the management of funds to fight the outbreak, which claimed more than 2,000 people from August 2018.

Ilunga, 59, was banned from leaving the country.

It became worse after criticizing the UN World Health Organization (WHO) plans to introduce a new unlicensed vaccine to tackle the epidemic.

His solicitor told AFP in September that some payments were made to local chiefs following the killing of a WHO doctor in April.

Over 200,000 people have been vaccinated during the tenth and most serious Ebola epidemic of DR Congo.

This is the second worst ebola outbreak in history after more than 11,000 people have been killed in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia between 2014 and 2016. -FP


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