Former Head of Korea Aerospace Research Organization Joins Hanwha Aerospace to Lead Future Space Technology Research

Korea Space Technology Research Institute’s Cho Jeon Joins Hanwha Aerospace as CTO

New Leadership for Future Space Basic Technology Research Institute

Seoul, South Korea – Hanwha Aerospace has announced the appointment of Cho Kwang-rae, former president of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the upcoming ‘Future Space Basic Technology Research Institute.’ In line with the government’s focus on a privately led space economy, this move signifies a new era of public-private exchanges and advancements in the Korean space sector.

With his extensive experience as the 10th director of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Cho Jeon is a prominent figure in the field, known as the ‘Korea Space Development 1st Generation.’ Taking on the responsibility of overseeing Hanwha Aerospace’s future space technology research, Cho Jeon will play a crucial role in supporting the government’s roadmap of moon landing by 2032 and Mars landing by 2045.

A Global Trend: Human Resource Exchange for Space Industry

Global space industry leaders, like the United States’ SpaceX, have already demonstrated the exchange of human resources between government agencies and private companies. In a similar vein, Hanwha Aerospace and Hanwha Systems are actively seeking talent in ten different space business areas through their official recruitment portal, ‘Hanwhain.’

Hanwha Aerospace spokesperson stated, “We are committed to actively recruiting exceptional space talent, irrespective of nationality or origin, to drive the growth of the Korean space economy in collaboration with the government.”

As the race for space dominance intensifies, the exchange of expertise between public and private entities will undoubtedly propel Korea towards remarkable achievements, as witnessed in the thriving space industries across the globe.

Written by Lee Ki-cheol, Senior Correspondent

Cho Jeon, CTO Korea Space Technology Research Institute… “The serious ‘privately led space economy’ through public-private exchanges”
Hanwha, permanent recruitment of space talent ‘Space Hub Crew’… “The door is always open for space talent”

▲ Cho Gwang-rae, former president of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute. Hanwha Aerospace announced on the 8th that former Korea Aerospace Research Organization Cho Kwang-rae will join as CTO (Chief Technology Officer / President) of ‘Future Space Basic Technology Research Institute (tentative name)’, responsible for basic research for Hanwha’s. space business.

In accordance with the policy direction of the ‘privately led space economy’ presented by the government, public-private exchanges in the space sector will open a new space era in Korea.

Cho Jeon, one of the founding members of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute and the 10th director from 2014 to 2017, is a ‘Korea Space Development 1st Generation’.

Based on its experience and expertise, Hanwha Aerospace plans to oversee Hanwha Aerospace’s future space technology research according to the government’s roadmap for landing on the moon in 2032 and landing on Mars in 2045.

The exchange of human resources between government agencies and private companies is already underway in countries with strong space industries, such as the United States. SpaceX also recruited talent from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in May this year following 2020.

Hanwha Aerospace and Hanwha Systems are currently hiring people in 10 space business areas through ‘Hanwhain (’, Hanwha’s official recruitment portal.

Hanwha Aerospace said, “We will boldly secure outstanding space talent at home and abroad regardless of nationality or origin and pioneer the Korean space economy together with the government.”

Senior Correspondent Lee Ki-cheol

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