Home Entertainment Former heroine Nong Pornsuda revealed that she divorced her husband, a Brunei diplomat for 5 years, asking for her mother.

Former heroine Nong Pornsuda revealed that she divorced her husband, a Brunei diplomat for 5 years, asking for her mother.

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Naked, the former heroine Nong Pornsuda, after divorcing the former husband of a Brunei diplomat for 5 years, reveals the decision point to choose a mother as a filial son.

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theater organizer “Nong” Pornsuda Tainaowkong The former heroine of the 90s opened her heart after breaking up with her ex-husband, a Brunei diplomat for 5 years, and revealed the path in the entertainment industry if you can’t live without skills in the show “Kuay Zab SHOW” featuring Pekki Srithanya and Thanya Thanya. Yaret Engtrakul is the moderator of the program.

when married to husband How big is the news? “Everyone was interested because at that time no actors were married to diplomats. We should be the first So he felt strange how we met. is probably not very loud But everyone will pay attention that we are actors who are on set. Why did you meet an unlikely diplomat?”

Then why did you decide to get married? “We were 30 at the time, at that time women in their 20s had to get married, and friends were gradually getting married. Makes us feel very helpless. So I talked to him that if we wanted to get married, we were happy. But we don’t think we have to choose between work and family. because at that time he was about to move back to the country He let us decide. If we don’t get married, he will go back to his country. And then we do our job. But if we get married, we have to choose.”

At that time, many people thought it was a rat falling into a bucket of rice? “Not that much. But when it comes to Brunei, it is an oil country. The population there is small and the salary-to-salary ratio. We feel that his salary is very high. And the country takes care of the people very well. Everything is available. Study is free. At that time, everyone understood that we must marry a very rich person. But we try to explain that a diplomat is a civil servant who is not a billionaire. But it wasn’t difficult.”

I heard the news that I’m now divorced. I’ve been quietly divorced for 5 years. Why are you getting divorced? “Yes, it’s like adults talking that we can’t be together anymore. There are many reasons. He understood our situation. We told him we couldn’t be the perfect wife to take care of him forever. because we want to return to work as usual which he told us At that time, he didn’t want to break up with us. But he asked us if he could marry another wife. is according to religion A husband can marry up to four wives, but the first wife must allow it. That is, there will be cases where the wife is sick and unable to take care of her husband. Husband wants to have children and asks for a wife. If his wife allows him, he will not sin. But some families get married, but when he comes to talk to us So we’d better quit. Because we don’t like sharing things with anyone. We intend that if we come to Thailand, we will start working on dramas to the fullest. and the mother is unwell And in the past, we didn’t take care of you. So I told him that we wanted to stay in Thailand permanently. Then we asked him to declare a divorce for us. because we won’t be back is according to religion If the husband declares a divorce, it means that the husband no longer wants this wife. which the paper Husband can go about it by himself.”

Did you know that during that period your father passed away? “Yes. because we don’t want to lose our job permanently So we have to travel back and forth where my husband is ok but this is our responsibility. So he won’t follow us. is we come to work Finished work and flew back. At that time it was exhausting, we felt that we could not do anything fully. After that, her husband moved to Malaysia as an ambassador. which at that time he came to speak to us conscientiously that I don’t want us to go back to work in Thailand. Because when he was in Brunei, he was like a normal civil servant. But when I have to go to Malaysia He was like a representative of the country. And diplomats need a wife to support them 24 hours a day.”

What are the duties of an ambassador’s wife? “Like National Day in different countries He will have an event that the ambassador will have to attend to honor. If he walks alone and doesn’t have a wife to follow, it becomes an argument for why the wife doesn’t support her husband. So my husband said you had to stop in order to represent Brunei. As a diplomat’s wife, we have to do the full thing. At that time, I decided to stop for 8 years. At first I was in Kuching, Malaysia. At that time we went to be consul-general there. After that, he returned to Brunei before heading to Kuala Lumpur. capital city of malaysia because his ex-husband will know the management Therefore, coming to Kuala Lumpur will be convenient.

Father Died remembers that it was 2012, nine years ago, when he retired to live in Brunei. Then my father was ill with bronchial cancer. which can’t eat anything And then mom started getting sick. We come back to visit you. He told us that it was okay. Go back and be with your family. This is your last word. Less than two weeks later, my father passed away. Therefore, we feel that we are unable to perform our duties as children. His father would like to see us happy and have a complete family. The husband is Muslim When someone loses, they must be buried within 1 day. We had to call and ask Imam for a day’s time because there were no flights at that time. We got our tickets the next day. Husband told us that you should go. husband did not go with which we do not think We just want to see you before burial. And at that time it was very rushed. After that we felt why we were alone. In fact, at work our father had our family. But his family didn’t have any. Well, it might be because we had an agreement from the beginning that We will come back by ourselves, come to work, come to visit family. It’s been a long time since he came.

And after that, I have a feeling that I’m not in the family life anymore. because we don’t have children together We feel bad because we can’t have children for him. So we told him that we would like to have an adopted child. He said that he didn’t want it because he originally had a child with his ex-wife. But his wife had died. What about the fact that he has to adopt a child who is not his child? It might not be fair to his son. And we used to consult Dr. which the doctor said it was too late We feel that women in their 60s can still have children, why can’t we? I was exhausted then. But we love him as our son. because his youngest child when he saw him was just over a year old But when it came to the point where my father passed away we feel so guilty because when you leave There is nothing that can be replaced. So I told myself We will take care of my mother as best as possible, I will take care of my mother, during which time my mother had back surgery. And in our house in Thailand, there is no one at all. because my sister is in Germany Personally, we are in Asia, so it is our duty to always come back and take care of you. when I come back to Thailand The drama has begun. He called and asked how we agreed to take it. because we didn’t go back to take care of him That was the point where I asked him to stay in Thailand permanently.”

You see that it’s a relative who brings a woman to offer? “In Brunei, high-ranking officials His relatives were beginning to realize that we weren’t going back often, so his distant relatives offered to let their daughter come in and take care of them. As for us, we were stunned, although we already knew that he had the right to have 4 wives, but we had already talked to him that We asked for this because we thought we could take care of him. But it turns out that life requires many choices. So it made us decide to choose a better mother. because I felt that if we had to choose a man but didn’t take care of the mother We will surely go to hell. It must be very sinful.”

When the husband proposes to marry another How did you feel then? “We already knew he could have. But when we study religion In order for a husband to have a wife, he must have the consent of the first wife. When he came to ask for our hearts, we dropped it. But we can only think that it’s better than him secretly doing it. At least he still came to tell us. In the past, we were optimistic people. At least we spent our lives with him. Experienced with many countries which is considered a life profit But day to day life must choose At the end of the day, we choose to be filial sons. is that we think Marriage and motherhood However, we have to choose the mother first.”

Now there are young people Do you want to flirt? “I’m old. We want to stay here because it’s a lot of work. We would like to invest here first. Many people ask that we don’t have children, are we lonely? We see younger actors who are our children, and we take care of them like children. was taking care of the work for him to be successful It has become a duty that we have already entered. I don’t have the idea to find a new one because it’s not lonely. We have to leave early in the morning to come back, so it makes us feel that we can stay.

As for the person who secretly flirts with, there is none. Maybe it’s because the drama is a closed pile and lately we don’t really want to go out to social events. We will only go to the set we work on. So the chance to meet someone is very difficult. And in the past, we left work until we were bored. So now we try to focus on work. Asked if it was completely closed, it was almost completely. Now we focus on work first. Because, as I said, we do not have the opportunity to hang out or hang out with anyone. When we go to the theater, we will be the oldest.”

Been in the industry for 40 years. Why do you call yourself an ugly heroine? “When I started to grow up as a young woman, I realized that I wasn’t the most beautiful person. I had the opportunity to work in the industry because modeling came to approach me while walking in Siam. until starting to get a job in which the job has never been the main After becoming a model, we asked to work with a modeling company. because we don’t have much money And when going to shoot commercials or shoot in front of the camera, sometimes I can’t earn some money. But if you do modeling work, you will also get a salary. And when I take my younger brother to the cassette, we also go to the cassette. It turned out that we were more than the children who took us there. We felt lucky. Because the stars of each era are not the same. In our era, we will not focus on being beautiful, in good shape, or having to be complete. The heroine will come out cute. The famous heroine in that era was Nid Oraphan who said that we had to sell our talent because One time I went to shoot a candy commercial on a train. is the main character of the story that the filming has not been passed When acting can’t speak, when she can talk, acting can’t. until the director has to ask who can play We raised our hands and said that we could play at that time, making us know that we weren’t beautiful. To get a job, we have to sell talent.”

How difficult was it when you were a child? “When we were young Father went to have a concubine and mother didn’t know anything. When my mother found out, she was very shocked. She couldn’t eat. She cried all the time. He lost 10 kg in a short period of time. and we have seen his condition all the time. Until one day, my mother wouldn’t be able to cry anymore. He had a great argument with his father. and said one word: Let’s get divorced Well, back then, it was like a drama. We look at my father, look at my mother, and know that my mother is going to divorce my father. But with our mother all along, we will know that How tormented mother was that father was unfaithful? I feel good too. Because we don’t want to see your mother cry anymore. Then he gave us the choice whether to live with his father or with his mother. That is, if we choose to be with someone Another sister will take care. At that time we chose to live with my father. because we are always with mom And since childhood, we always have to choose our own path. but when we choose We will come to regret it, it is useless.”

but causing the parents to break up get back together How do you do it? “At that time, I entered the industry. We can earn a lot of money. can buy a house And then my father had weakened. and the concubine broke up. We talked to my father about coming together or not. You build a house for your parents. is that you don’t have to love each other stay for the child And this we know that he loves us. So they came together again.”

When they got married, they saw that they had to change their religion. And then a miracle happened? “Is to marry a young Muslim man. We must change our religion before we get married. And during that time he will teach us what this religion is. how is islam Then we started in Starting to feel good to practice until we started to understand how to pray But there will be a method of how to pray. how to get up what to do Until one day we will pray alone. We washed ourselves and put on our clothes. which we are very excited because we would have prayed, and suddenly a voice was heard. It’s a very nice sound which we are stuck in our hearts Until we finished the prayer lesson, we came to talk to my ex-husband that before we pray we heard a voice. Not sure what sound It’s been through talks until we forget. One day the ex-husband turned on a Muslim radio channel. is the sound of azan The sound of the adhan is the voice calling to pray. when he opened We told him this was what we heard, and he had big eyes, got goosebumps, and said, ‘Did you know that God has opened your heart? Did you know that the sound you hear is the sound of azan? Well, we got goosebumps and felt that God had opened our hearts. At that time we accepted religion willingly. It was a miracle we didn’t think we’d encounter like this.”

Know that the whole family has moved religion? “Yes, because in the past we were very impatient. After getting married and changing religion Father and mother saw that we were very calm. We change almost to different people. Mother came to talk to us that we have changed a lot. We talked to him, do you know why the change? and asked him to change his religion come to islam Now even after breaking up with her husband We are still in Islam. and told her that if she was anything wrong, we would bury her next to her father. and if we are anything We will be beside our father and mother. This is our intention.”

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