Former manager of Bahia, Pedro Henriques launches book with backstage of football management

The former vice-president of Bahia Pedro Henriques launches the book “Gestão em Campo – Lessons in the professionalization of football” this Tuesday (31), in an event open to the public at Livraria Leitura in Salvador Shopping, starting at 7 pm.

At work, Published by Appris Publishingthe author points out ways for the professional management of Brazilian clubs and also reveals behind-the-scenes stories of his passage through Esquadrão from 2015 to 2017, as vice-president of Marcelo Sant’Ana, and from 2018 to 2020, as executive director in the first term by Guilherme Bellintani.

In one of these stories, Pedro Henriques tells that the tricolor board was contacted, through an intermediary, to buy the referee of a match for the 2015 Série B. And that, after refusal and complaint to the competent authorities, the team tied the game, which had controversial bids.

The book has 182 pages, divided into 12 chapters, each one corresponding to a lesson that the manager experienced in the highly competitive football environment, where reason needs to prevail over passion in decision-making. One of the lessons, for example, is that “the culture (of Brazilian football) eats planning for breakfast”. In another, Pedro states that “those who don’t understand the business are swallowed up by the market”.

“Since I left the club I had the idea of ​​writing the book. First because I felt a lack of material to read about football management in Brazil, second because the experiences lived deserved to be shared. Often, football fans see only the game, which , obviously, it’s the most important thing, but it’s just the final and public part of everything that happens in a club”, says Pedro.

“The need to professionalize management is totally evident. It is evident that when you do a professional job the results improve in a short period, it is noticeable. It is no longer possible for football to live in amateurism and selflessness”, completes the author.

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