Former Miss Korea Cha Woo-rim left the world and became a nun… “Everything feels like karma”

(Source = Captured from MBN’s ‘Special World’)

The story of Cha Woo-rim, a former Miss Korea who became a nun, draws attention.

In the MBN ‘Special World’ broadcast on the 13th, the story of monk Cha Woo-rim, who lives and practices in a crypt of Gyeryongsan, got on the air.

Cha Woo-rim was born in Incheon, Miss Korea in 1994, and received the spotlight when she reached the finals with actors Han Seong-joo and Seong Hyun-ah. After that, he thought about becoming a celebrity, but now he is living the life of a nuns under the name of Monk Bota.

Cha Woo-rim, who has been practicing alone for 6 months in a crypt in Gyeryongsan Mountain, said, “There are many inconveniences, but I have to endure it. There are too many things to bury in my heart,” he confessed, showing tears.

Cha Woo-rim lived a splendid life because she was born in Miss Korea and had a wealthy family. The wedding was so splendid enough that the chief of staff to the president presided over it. However, it faced a crisis when it went bankrupt at the time of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 1994. I lost both my house and my car.

In the midst of this, she lost her husband in an accident and had to raise her son alone. He lived his life looking only at his son, but as his son suffered from an unknown disease, Cha Woo-rim decided to go home. Everything felt like his own karma.

Cha Woo-rim said, “When I think of a child, every corner of my heart still stings. I’m so sorry and miss you.” He said, “I went to work for my child, but you may think that the child has been abandoned.” Still, he said, “I can’t go back. My path has already been decided.”


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