Former Miss Korea Lee Hye-won Proudly Announces Son’s First Place Win in Trumpet Competition

Lee Hye-won’s Son, Lee Hwan, Emerges as Winner in Trumpet Competition

Lee Hye-won, former Miss Korea and wife of former national soccer player Ahn Jung-hwan, proudly announced her son’s recent triumph in a trumpet competition. Sharing the news on her social media account, Hye-won expressed her joy and excitement for her child’s achievement. She lauded her son’s hard work and dedication, explaining that he has been participating in various competitions and is the sole trumpet player in his 9th-grade school orchestra.

Hye-won referred to her husband affectionately as “Anne” and expressed her gratitude towards him for his unwavering support. She acknowledged his financial contributions to her son’s lessons and conveyed her understanding of his concerns as a father. She concluded her message by encouraging their son to continue his musical journey and assuring him of their enthusiastic support.

Last year, Ahn Ri-hwan, the young trumpet prodigy, received the prestigious US Congressman’s Award and made history as the youngest trumpet player to perform at Carnegie Hall.

Lee Hye-won tied the knot with Ahn Jung-hwan in 2001 and shares two children with him, a daughter named Lee Won-yang born in 2004, and a son named Lee Hwan-gun born in 2008.

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Ahn Ri-hwan/ Lee Hye-win Instagram capture

Lee Hye-won, wife of former national soccer player Ahn Jung-hwan and former Miss Korea, shared the news that her son Lee Hwan won first place in the trumpet competition.

On the 12th, Hyewon Lee posted on her social networking service (SNS) account, “Can I Brew? “It feels good, I want to support my child with joy, and I know about Rihwan’s hard work,” he said. .

He continued, “He’s still a big 9th grade baby who’s still a baby in his mom and dad’s eyes, but even after Carnegie, he’s entered a lot of competitions and participate in the school orchestra (there is only one trumpet player. in the 9th grade), but he has done a lot… Knowing that Rihwan works hard to show his father who is against playing an instrument poem (I think this is a time when support is needed, Rihwan), Rihwan is very happy with this first place win… “And now I leave this message with the hope that Anne will also open her heart,” he said, expressing his immense joy.

In addition, Lee Hye-won called her husband Ahn Jung-hwan “Anne” and said, “Ri-hwan and I! I worked hard (even though I was a terrible mother) Well, I just… That’s right! I know you paid for the lessons, supported me, and prayed for me. Thank you. I understand the heart of a father who is always worried that his child will be hurt when he does his work in front of everyone.. .I won’t say more, but I… Now Ri-hwan will cheer you on loudly, right? crap! I will put it in your study … He expressed what was on his mind by saying, “Come quickly, thank you.”

And then, “Ri-hwan! Good job, thank you, thank you for the award! I will live harder! “It’s a beautiful night,” he added.

Before that, Ahn Ri-hwan won the US Congressman’s Award last year and appeared on stage as the youngest trumpet player at Carnegie Hall.

Meanwhile, Lee Hye-on married Ahn Jung-hwan in 2001 and had a daughter, Lee Won-yang, in 2004, and a son, Lee Hwan-gun, in 2008.

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