Former President Moon as a witness?

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Controversy has arisen when the People’s Power demanded that former President Moon Jae-in be included as a witness in the investigation of the National Defense Committee of the National Assembly.

The Democratic Party criticized it, saying, “Isn’t there something behind the scenes that crossed the golden road?” People Power lawmakers responded, “There is no sanctuary.”

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Representative Kim Byung-joo, who served as the Democratic Party secretary of the National Assembly’s Defense Committee, revealed that the People’s Power demanded that former President Moon Jae-in be a witness to the state audit.

[김병주/국방위 더불어민주당 간사]

“When I saw the content presented by the members of Cyrfder y Popl present as witnesses, I was very surprised and a little worried…”

Criticism from Democratic lawmakers followed, saying, “He crossed the line of political morality, and revealed the intent to use the audit of state government as a political arena.”

[김영배/더불어민주당 의원]

“To be honest, I think there is a golden way… the National Assembly, which cannot reassure the people, is accelerating the division of people of ignorance…”

Then, the People’s Power lawmakers responded that it was to resolve allegations related to the previous administration, such as the assault of a civil servant in the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, and that a former president did not even have sanctuary.

[신원식/국방위 국민의힘 간사]

“I believe there is no sanctuary if there are public doubts or various questions. Whether you are a former president or a current president.”

[한기호/국민의힘 의원]

“I’m going to ask, but what do you think is wrong? That’s why it’s okay not to accept witnesses by agreement of the opposition parties, absolutely not? Where is that, my God?”

The debate continued over whether the ruling party was trying to adopt former President Moon’s witnesses after receiving instructions from someone behind him.

[안규백/더불어민주당 의원]

“(Former President Moon Jin-Ji-eun’s witness) confirms once again that this is not from Shin Won-sik or Kim Byung-joo…”

[신원식/국방위 국민의힘 간사]

“‘Isn’t it because someone ordered it?’… I’ve never heard of that from anyone…”

As the opposition of the Democratic Party continued, the power of the people eventually took a step back, saying that they would discuss it again among the secretaries, but since they were in a position to push through the adoption of former President Moon’s witnesses, expect trouble between the ruling opposition parties and the opposition parties.

This is Minji Gu from MBC News.

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