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Simple thinking of a man who became a popular YouTuber

Tomoya Satozaki, who was also active as a representative of Japan such as the 1st WBC and the Beijing Olympics (Photo: Afro)

Most of the professional baseball and off-season tradition of “contract renewal” is over. For baseball players, annual salary is an integral part of evaluation and attracts a lot of attention, but players rarely say it publicly.

Meanwhile, there is a former professional baseball player who says “money is important”. Tomoya Satozaki who supported “the best in the world” as a regular catcher in the 2006 World Baseball Classic and made his name known.

Satozaki is also attracting attention by running the “YouTube Channel,” which is one of the most popular in the baseball world. One book that summarizes Satozaki’s unique “thinking method” is interesting. Introduced by sports writer Motoyoshi Taguchi.

Select “a team that can play the game early”

What is the most important thing in life?

Former professional baseball player Tomoya Satozaki wrote in his new book “Simple Thinking” (Shueisha’s new book) that it is “money.”

Not all people in the world have a positive view of “money.” “Is it okay if I can make money?” “There is something more important than money.” That’s true. With that concept in mind, money is the most important thing for me. You can buy some things. Life is guaranteed.In other words, you can avoid more misfortunes.

Mr. Satozaki has played for 16 years as a player of Chiba Lotte Marines. In the new issue, it is announced in this book that the amount of money earned during that time is about 1.3 billion yen. Currently, he is also active as a YouTuber with about 500,000 subscribers, for criticism in sports newspapers and commentary on professional baseball broadcasts.

The reason why he succeeded in his second career in an era when he couldn’t live by the title of a professional baseball player. It makes me realize that Mr. Satozaki’s thinking is a big hint.

As the title of this book suggests, Mr. Satozaki advises readers that “it is better to think things simply” and generously conveys his actual experience. The most interesting thing is how he joined Lotte.

When Mr. Satozaki became a professional baseball player in 1998, there was a “reverse nomination” system in which promising players could freely decide which team they wanted to go to (up to two players per baseball team).

The contract presupposes that the team and the players are in love with each other, but he chose Lotte over popular teams such as the Yomiuri Giants and the Hanshin Tigers because he can play the game early.

In other words, there was a high possibility of making money.



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