Former Singer Park Il-nam: Living the Life of a Wandering Reconciliation

Singer Park Il-nam: A Life of Reconciliation and Wanderlust

By Park Geun-hee, Journalist

Renowned singer Park Il-nam recently opened up about his unconventional lifestyle characterized by a constant search for peace and reconciliation.

In a candid interview on MBN’s ‘Scoop World’ aired on the 21st, Park Il-nam, known for his heartfelt songs like ‘Pure Love of the Reeds’, ‘A Postcard’, and ‘Missing Hee-ya’, shed light on his journey.

Reflecting on the success of his early album, Park Il-nam humbly shared, “It sold tremendously, around 3 million copies in today’s terms. But fame and fortune were never my goal. Do I own buildings now? Well, these days I prefer to wander and explore.”

Eventually, Park Il-nam withdrew from the limelight, even refraining from singing altogether. He explained, “I made a conscious decision to step away from the music industry. I didn’t want to bring any more disappointment or hardship to my family. Reconciliation demands sacrifice, and this was my way of showing it.”

Encountering Park Il-nam on the road, I witnessed his kind-heartedness firsthand. He paused at a farmhouse, lending a hand to the farmers. As he assisted with their tasks, he straightened his back and remarked, “Farming is no easy feat.” Before leaving, he carried the lettuce they had graciously gifted him in exchange for his labor.

Now 85 years old, Park Il-nam spends most of his time traversing various paths, embracing the solitude and serenity it brings.


[Photo Caption: ‘Scop World’ broadcast screen capture]

[OSEN=박근희 기자] Park ‘Scoop World’ Il-nam revealed that he lives the life of a wanderer with a mind of reconciliation.

On MBN’s ‘Scoop World’, broadcast on the 21st, we met singer Park Il-nam, who sang ‘Pure Love of the Reeds’, ‘A Postcard’, and ‘Missing Hee-ya’.

Singer Park Il-nam said, “My first album was released a lot. In today’s terms, that’s 3 million. “These days, you probably own a couple of buildings, right?” Park Il-nam, a wandering wanderer, wanders as far as he can.

Park Il-nam stopped appearing in public and even stopped singing. Park Il-nam mentioned, “I said I wouldn’t be a singer and I didn’t (appear).” Park Il-nam said, “You have to suffer in the sense of reconciliation. “I’m here because I don’t want to show more disappointment or hardship to my family,” he explained.

Parc Il-nam, whom I met on the road, stopped by the farmhouse and helped. While helping with farming, Parc Il-nam straightened his bent back and said, “Farming is not easy.” Park Il-nam went out, carrying the lettuce he had received in exchange for his labor. Park Il-nam, who is 85 years old, said that he spends most of his time walking along the road these days.


[사진] ‘Scop World’ broadcast screen capture

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