Former Swan striker Boat Salika goes bankrupt

Ex-Liverpool, Manchester City, Newcastle striker revealed why he went bankrupt Became homeless and own car despite making lots of money

Craig Bellamy was declared bankrupt by the court. The former Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester City striker, etc., is currently Vincent Kompany’s assistant manager at Burnley, however, despite being a great player in the Premier League. But Bellamy spoke openly about his bankruptcy. He made millions during his career, scoring 135 goals for nine clubs.

How did Bellamy become bankrupt? He now has no property and no car. His bankruptcy was not alcohol, drugs or gambling, but a series of bad decisions mixed with bad luck put Bellamy in this situation. Unsuccessful property investments made in his name were at the root of his downfall. Bellamy has now shared his story with the Daily Mail.

“I lived like I was on Death Row for five or six years,” Bellamy said. “Just waiting for someone to help me. I waited for the cell door to open and someone said, ‘Today is your day’ It’s like a hopeless feeling. All the money I earn is gone, I can’t do credit, there is no future in finance. It hurts that I can’t own anything. Everything is gone “” My life seems to have ended. I do not avoid paying tax. But I’m naive about this and HMRC (UK Revenue and Customs) has been stalking me for a while over my unpaid taxes. Everything I have has been taken from me. If you get the wrong person to guide you You will bleed completely. It got to the point where bankruptcy was a relief. It means I can live again.”

“I know some people think I spend all my money on drinking, gambling or drugs, it’s not true. I can go quietly where you won’t hear me. But I won’t go to the pub. I have never touched drugs since I was a child. Don’t gamble, never play, it makes no sense to me. Unfortunately, I was betting on people.” “I want this to be a warning to the other players,” with Bellamy revealing he was swayed by the wrong advisers. By inviting them to invest in businesses that have gone bankrupt, either in real estate projects in London, England or in Cardiff, Wales, there are also failed wine bar-steak businesses, collecting luxury watches for speculation, but have cheated them. In addition, they were levied retroactive taxes along with huge fines.

And Bellamy’s story is one that ex-Liverpool player Danny Murphy would like to remind today’s players to spend their money wisely.

“It’s terrible to hear that footballers are facing financial problems. But the saddest part is that this is no longer a surprise,” Murphy told the Daily Mali. “I sympathize with Craig Bellamy because this has happened to him before. And I fear it will continue. I hope that coming out and revealing his problems will give him some relief. And for those who only read the headline and make similar comments “Does a multi-million pound footballer file for bankruptcy?’ Maybe those people should understand the problems he faces.”

“Personally, I have revealed my story to the public before. that he faces depression for 2-3 years after hanging up his boots There are many factors involved. Including finances, of course. Fortunately, Craig didn’t get involved with alcohol or drugs like I did. But having to see our money wasted because of trusting people who give bad advice Or being stubbornly pushed for money, it brings the accumulated stress to yourself. The lifestyle of most professional footballers starts from age 5 to mid 30s, all the time we spend on the game. So we trust or rely on someone else to handle the influx of official wealth.”

“Misuse of money is one of the main problems for players in the Premier League era and is under-reported because it is not as high-profile as cases of players harassing or assaulting women. However, financial problems arose. Players don’t care about their hard earned money when they keep making big money. And it’s shocking to the max when you end your career and find that all the money you invested in hopes of saving for life is gone. Professional football players are not stupid people. But why athletic skills and good stalking units? Doesn’t that make us a sophisticated financial expert? Probably because we are sweaty people. Then you are tempted by neat suits, nice brochures and impressive company names.

“It might work for some people because they have good advice, but for others it’s unfortunate. Like many other players, I have heard stories of them facing back taxes and saddlery penalties. Leads to lawsuits, being questioned by the police, which is especially unhealthy when you are already depressed thinking about your beloved football game.I have bankruptcy with many of my friends and former English Premier League players . It’s great that Craig has come out and told his story. You don’t walk alone.”




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