Home World Former UK PM Tony Blair blasts on abandonment of Afghan by US | Left Afghanistan in danger; Tony Blair criticizes US

Former UK PM Tony Blair blasts on abandonment of Afghan by US | Left Afghanistan in danger; Tony Blair criticizes US

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London: In Afghanistan (Afghanistan) British (US) strongly criticizes US military withdrawal fromBritish) Former Prime Minister Tony Blair (Tony Blair). The United States is responsible for the current situation in Afghanistan.America) Tony Blair said he could not escape. He criticized the United States for unnecessarily leaving a country in danger.

An article on the crisis after the collapse of the Afghan government was published on the website of the foundation under him. This is Tony Blair’s first reaction to the Afghan issue. Tony Blair was prime minister in 2001 when Britain sent troops to Afghanistan with the United States.

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The question arises as to whether the Western nations have succeeded in succeeding strategically. The world is not sure what the position of the West is. The withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan is not part of the strategy, but part of politics. The United States has pushed the Afghan people into disaster.

This is an opportunity for terrorist organizations around the world to rejoice. Russia, China and Iran will take advantage. It may even affect the alliance of Western nations. He also called on the government to reconsider its stance on counter-terrorism.

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Meanwhile, 222 people stranded in Afghanistan have been repatriated to India. The people were flown back on an Air India flight and an Air India flight. The foreign ministry said the rescue operation would continue. The people were flown back from Tajikistan and Qatar.

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Nepalis have returned with the Indians. A total of 135 people were airlifted to Doha from Afghanistan and from there to Delhi airport. The situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating.

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