Former Virginia inmate $ 1M wins in medical malpractice suit

Former Virginia inmate $ 1M wins in medical malpractice suit

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – A former Virginia tpicture t

U. District Court records show a jury awarded the damages to 32-year-old John Kinlaw on Thursday.

“There should be no difference in the standard of treatment,” said Kinlaw. "The people that mistreated me."

News outlets report ar Armor Correctional Health Services Inc., after his release from Lunenburg Correctional Center in 2017. He says he fractured a finger bone in the prison recreation and medical services. The suit accuses staff of he X-rays that he could need surgery.

According to the complaint, for weeks of Kinlaw notifying Dr. Charles Nwaokocha, contracted by ARMOR, that his hand still needed medical attention, the medical staff stabilized or get him surgery.

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The complaint says Kinlaw waited over 100 days before taken

“There are a lot of things,” said Kinlaw. “According to the testimony, I have found the ammonation that my orthopedists have.

In 2017, Kinlaw contact Nexus Services Inc, which funds medical malpractice t

“What do you want to do?” About government agencies, t Nexus CEO and president Mike Donovan. “It is very good to see how many people are going to have to pay. Kinlaw. ”

Kinlaw was awarded to $ 700,000 in punitive damages t

Misunderstood medical facts.

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McNelis added that the care Kinlaw received in care in the Virginia Department of corrections.

McNelis that the care Kinlaw received was appropriate and consistent

“,” Said McNelis. “The x-ray that did not reveal anything else than a small finger fracture.”

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