Formula One car racing; Lewis Hamilton wins Saudi Grand Prix Formula One car racing; Lewis Hamilton wins Saudi Grand Prix

Jeddah: British Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton won the Saudi Grand Prix at the Formula One car race in Saudi Arabia. On Sunday night, Jeddah’s Hamilton Holland defeated Red Bull driver Max Verstappen to win the two – hour long race between floodlights and cheers on the longest and fastest track in Jeddah’s Corniche. തത്.

In the beginning, Hamilton and Verstappen drew level, but at the last minute, Hamilton won. With this, Verstappen, who was aspiring for the title, had to settle for second place. Finland’s Mercedes driver Valteri Botas is in third place. The final round of the match between Hamilton and Verstappen took place in Saudi Arabia. In the previous three test rounds and the qualifying match, Hamilton was the fastest to take the lead.

The final round of the Formula One Saudi Grand Prix was played in the presence of Saudi Crown Prince Amir Mohammed bin Salman. Thousands of people, including women and children, flocked to Corsica to watch the final round of the race, which featured 20 drivers, including international champions.

During the closing ceremony, the ‘Falcons Team’ aircraft of the Saudi Air Force circled in the sky and amazed the spectators with their colorful amazement. The Falcon team painted more than 25 different forms in front of the spectators at the Corniche’s sky. The Formula One Saudi Grand Car race started last Friday. The final round match was played on Sunday after a two-day test run and a qualifying match.

Saudi Arabia has hosted a major global competition after eight months of preparations. The first Formula One Saudi Grand Prix car race in Saudi Arabia, held in Jeddah Corsican, also shows the world what a great sport it can be.



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