“Fort Knight” Episode 4 Season 2: “MEGA” season inspired by Japan begins! | Epic Games Japan press release

  • Become MEGA in the new Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 2 “MEGA”!

Get on the Japanese-inspired MEGA City green rails and zip around town on a sports bike. Explore new areas beyond the neon skyscrapers. Go wild in Steamy Springs, ride a Nitro Drifter on the Drift Ridge driving course, and sharpen your Kinetic Blade skills in Kenjutsu Crossing. Later in the new season comes a new Battle Pass that unlocks Eren Yeager from the popular anime.

Cinematheque YouTube trailer:

Gameplay trailer:

  • Comment from Epic Games Japan representative Takayuki Kawasaki

Fortnite players around the world love Japanese culture. Thanks to Japanese entertainment such as anime and manga. We are happy to bring this Japanese inspired season to fans not only in Japan but around the world.

  • What’s new in the new season

– Unlock the fancy mega battle pass

Purchasing this season’s Battle Pass automatically unlocks original costumes such as Renzo the Destroyer, Thunder, and Highwire to progress through the season. In addition, the main character of the popular anime “Eren Yeager” will also be unlocked.

・ Ride around MEGA City on super fast vehicles!

Explore MEGA City on the 2-seater Rogue Bike or the 4-seater Nitro Drifter. Streets are not the only mode of transportation in MEGA City. You can jump on grind rails and skate around buildings and enemies.

・ A new augmented reality is here!

Episode 4 Season 2 introduces 7 new reality additions. Weapons Slide, Firearms Recycling, Finishing with Dignity and more. In addition, some of the augmented reality from Episode 4 Season 1 will also be carried over. Check out the Fortnite Blog for the full list of Reality Augments available in the new Season.

For more information on what’s new in Chapter 4 Season 2, including new weapons and more, check out the Fortnite blog. Stay tuned to @FortniteGame on Twitter for the latest information, including when Season 2 Episode 4 goes live.
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