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Don’t miss the live event that ends today’s “Fortnite Chapter 2”.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is now over with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the foundation.
Like other Fortnite live events, there were parts where players could move and interact, parts of the story, and cutscenes explaining what was happening.

What Happened in Fortnite Chapter 2 “The End”?

When you join the game, you will first see a blue cube (Blevin), with a square barrier created around the players in the playlist. As we approached the time of the event, we heard the laughter of the Cube Queen and the players were given an unlimited number of assault rifles and pistols. Cube monsters will randomly appear in front of you, and you can defeat them with your weapon, and if you hit them, you will take 20 damage to your health or shield. Even if the player collapses, it will automatically recover after a while.

Seeing the cube monsters stop growing and the cube queen powering up, she says, “Last reality is there!” And she sees an explosive in the air opening a portal to another reality, where she sees her mothership. There is a mothership there, from which a small disk can emerge and damage it.

She succeeds in opening the portal further, seeing many motherships in the sky, and seeing the disk breaking Blevin’s shield.
When the Cube Queen says, “Destroy them, my children,” a big cube monster appears. Then steal weapons from the player, destroy the disks and abductors floating in the sky, and defeat Blevin.

Then it’s a cutscene, where Dwayne’s “The Rock” Johnson’s voice, the Foundation, appears where Sloan is waking Jones. The Foundation then asks Jones to help Cube Queen stop trying to take them to the “afterlife.”


And it will help scientists and visitors take everyone to a safe place.
Then follow the scientist to the bridge. Then the Foundation and Jones appeared, and the Foundation tells Jones, “Why does he (Sloan) make me save you many times?”

Shortly afterwards, he was caught in the water when he saw a giant cube monster breaking the glass.

As you swim to the surface, the entire map will turn upside down and you’ll see the Cube Queen destroyed.
After that, big waves are coming. That was all about the event.

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