Fortnite Opens Halloween Nightmare: Midas’s Revenge

Epic Games Korea (CEO Park Seong-cheol), a Korean subsidiary of Epic Games, announced on the 22nd that Fortnite’s Nightmare: Midas’s Revenge has been updated in Fortnite, which is being developed and serviced by its company.

In Fortnite’s Nightmare: Midas’s Revenge, you can face Shadow Midas and his men who woke up again on Fortnite Island, or play the game as a shadow directly. You can become a Shadow after being defeated in solo, duo, or squad battles, and you can participate in Shadow Royale and use the powers of the underworld to battle with survivors.

During the event, items such as pumpkin rocket launchers and evil spirit hunter crossbows can be used, and you can fly with a witch’s broom or use Midas’s inventions. In addition, when you complete the Fortnite Nightmare new challenge, you will receive special rewards such as Midas’s Shadow Appearance, Lantern Hammer Pickaxe, and Bobo accessories.

Creative (Fortnight Creative) also holds a Creative Code hunting event. Four recommended islands with a nightmare atmosphere of Fortnite appear, and you can get a phantom appearance by finding the mystery codes hidden in each recommended island and combining the numbers.

You can enjoy Fortnite’s nightmare outside the game. Until November 3rd, you can download and print materials such as paper craft cosplay and models through the event page, and make your own mini-models of the Ghoul Corps, Big Mouth, and Rave along with the masks of Baekgol, Ghoul Corps, and Arachne.

On the other hand, on November 1 (Korean time), J Balvin, a Latin hip-hop superstar and a Latin Grammy winner, will hold an afterlife party at the party royal main stage. During the event, players who have a new party trooper costume that can be found in the item shop and participate in the afterlife party will receive a free Jay Balbin style that combines neon and Jay Balbin styles.

For more information on Fortnite’s Nightmare: Midas’s Revenge, visit Fortnite’s Official Cafe.


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