“Fortress Heroes” is expected to return to the iOS platform? Epic Games CEO’s “one sentence” tips

(Photo/Flipping Epic Games website)

The battle royale shooting game “Fortnite” (Fortnite) was developed by Epic Games, in 2020, because it violated the policies and regulations of the Apple App Store platform and bypassed the in-app purchase payment system mechanism to establish a payment channel without authorization. , Apple gave the game with the game The developer was removed from the App Store platform, and then Epic Games launched a lawsuit against Apple. Almost three years have passed since “Fortress Hero” was removed from the App Store platform. Recently, the news that it is expected to return to the iOS platform has stimulated heated discussions among netizens.

The reason for such rumors is that the CEO of Epic GamesTim SweeneyWelcoming the New Year on January 1 this year, he posted “Next year on iOS!” interesting on his Twitter Po personal, and attached a photo of the main character of the game “Fortress Heroes” looking up to the sky to bloom the 2023 fireworks. It was interpreted by the outside world as a hint that “Fortress Heroes” will return to the iOS platform in 2023.

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According to a previous report by Bloomberg, in order to comply with the “Digital Market Law” of the European Union, Apple is preparing to launch a major reform of the App Store. In the future, it will allow iPhone and iPad users to use third-. Party App Store to download and install software. It is reported that the release time will be the fastest. It may be launched when the new generation of iOS 17 system starts this year. At that time, “Fortress Heroes” may return to iOS devices by being released from third-party app stores.

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