Fortune Town: Your One-Stop Destination for IT, Shopping, and Dining

Fortune Town, also known as Fortune, is a popular tourist attraction in the Rama 9 area, particularly among IT enthusiasts. The building offers a variety of IT products, toy shops, and restaurants, making it a one-stop destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Visitors can explore the different floors of Fortune Town and indulge in their interests in toys, electronics, or simply enjoy a meal while feeling productive with free charging stations available on the top floor. For any inquiries about Fortune Town, such as parking fees, transportation options, operating hours, and more, you can find answers on Anti Bear The website provides detailed information on each topic, allowing you to navigate through the vast offerings of Fortune Town with ease. Whether you’re a toy enthusiast, an IT aficionado, or simply looking for a place to shop, dine, and have fun, Fortune Town is the perfect destination. With convenient parking options and various transportation modes such as MRT/BTS, public buses, taxi/private car, or even passenger boats, getting to Fortune Town is a breeze. The website offers detailed travel information for each route, ensuring a smooth journey to your destination. Fortune Town operates from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, providing ample time to explore and enjoy the attractions. The different floors of Fortune Town offer a diverse range of experiences. On the G floor, you’ll find a toy store center, various restaurants offering a wide selection of cuisines, educational institutions for different subjects, and even a center for traditional massage. The 1st floor houses Lotus’s department store and a food court where you can indulge in savory dishes from popular restaurants or grab dessert and beverages to take home. With its extensive offerings and convenient location, Fortune Town is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a fun-filled day of shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Fortune Town (Fortune Town), or Fortune for short, is a tourist attraction in the Rama 9 area that is most popular with IT fans. In the Fortune Town building, there are many IT products, toy shops, and restaurants to choose from. It can be said that Shopping… Eating, traveling, all in one place, see toys. IT related products electronic equipment or come and eat Sit back and relax while still feeling like you’re working. Because there are seats on the top floor of the Fortune Building where you can charge your batteries for free. For questions about Fortune Town, such as how much does Fortune Town parking cost? How to get to Fortune Town Which station do I get off at? What time does Fortune Town open? Anti Bear I have collected the answers for you. Scroll down to read. Or you can click on each topic 🥰 Toy source. Anyone who likes #toys, we’re friends.

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Travel to Fortune, double the fun – shop, have fun, eat, and travel in one place.

🚗 Fortune parking fee 2023. How much is the Fortune Town parking fee? Updated 2023

Fortune Town parking rates are divided into 3 types.

Car parking fee (4 wheeler size), motorcycle parking fee (small size), motorcycle parking fee (size 250 cc. and above)

Fortune Town parking fees Monday to Friday Car park fee (4 wheeler size)

1.) Parking is free for the first 1 hour 2.) 20 baht is charged for the 2nd-4th hour 3.) 20 baht is charged per hour for the next hour. Fractions of an hour are counted as 1 hour.

Parking fees Saturday-Sunday and public holidays Car park fee (4 wheel size)

1.) Free parking for the first 3 hours. (Come and park on holidays (It’s worth it.) 2.) For the next hour, the service fee is 20 baht per hour. A fraction of an hour is counted as 1 hour.

Motorcycle parking service fee (small size) 1st – 4th hour, total 10 baht, 5th hour onwards 10 baht per hour Motorcycle parking service fee (size 250 cc. and above), 1st – 4th hour, total 20 baht per hour an hour. 5th set forward 10 baht per hour

*Note: For all types of parking rates Fractions of an hour are counted as 1 hour. A lost parking ticket will result in a fine of 300 baht.

As for if anyone is taking a taxi You can park right in front of Fortune Town Shopping Centre. It can be said that it is extremely convenient and complete.

🚆 How to get to Fortune Town? What station do I get off at?

We can travel to Fortune in up to 4 ways, whether traveling to Fortune Town by private car. public bus MRT Subway or passenger boat It’s easy to come and visit Fortune Town. How to go to Fortune Town! Including 4 main recommended routes: 1. Travel by MRT/BTS 2. Travel by public bus 3. Travel by private car or taxi 4. Travel by passenger pier. You can choose the most convenient mode of travel. To travel to Fortune Town immediately. Travel information for each route is as follows:

1. Come to Fortune Town by MRT/BTS.

Fortune is next to Rama 9 MRT Station, just walk a few steps and you will be there. We can easily travel to Fortune Town by MRT, the Blue Line and the Purple Line. If you take the MRT Blue Line, you can get off at Rama 9 Station. For the MRT Purple Line, change trains at Tao Poon Station first. To use the MRT Blue Line service, then get off at Rama 9 Station, Exit 1, and you will arrive in front of Fortune Town Shopping Centre. It can be said that it is extremely convenient and economical If anyone is convenient to travel by BTS, they can take the BTS to Asoke Station. Travel continuously by MRT and get off at Rama 9 station. Then walk straight to Exit 1 and walk a little further. You will meet the area in front of Fortune Town.

2. Come to Fortune Town By public bus

Friends who are convenient to travel by public transport Can travel to Fortune Town. You can get public buses and air-conditioned buses. which supports more than 20 lines, including 36, 54, 73, 73ก, 98, 136, 137, 157, 158, 163, 168, 171, 172, 179, 185, 204, 206, 85, 204, 206, 8, 71, 5, , 537 You can also get off at the stop in front of Fortune Town Shopping Centre, which is very convenient.

3. Come to Fortune Town by car/taxi.

Friends who have their own cars or want to take a taxi. To travel to Fortune Town, you can drive your car along the Ratchadaphisek-Sukhumvit-Rama 9 route (Inner Ring Road), which is close to 3 expressway entry and exit points, including Rama 9 Expressway Stage 2, Ratchadaphisek-Asoke Din Daeng Expressway. and Ekkamai-Ramindra Expressway Fortune Town is next to the Grand Fortune Hotel Bangkok. In addition, we can drive from Asoke – Ratchadaphisek Road, Thiam Ruammit Road – Ratchadaphisek and Lat Phrao – Ratchadaphisek Road. We can park in Fortune Town, floors 5 – 9, which can accommodate more than 3,000 cars. Fortune Town parking rates are as follows: Monday – Friday: 1. Parking is free for the first 1 hour 2. 20 baht is charged for the 2nd-4th hour 3. 20 baht per hour is charged for the next hour, fractions o hour It’s 1 hour Saturday-Sunday. and public holidays 1. The first 3 hours of parking are free 2. 20 baht per hour is charged for the next hour. A fraction of an hour is considered to be 1 hour. For those taking a taxi, You can park right in front of Fortune Town Shopping Centre. It can be said that it is extremely convenient and complete.

4. Come to Fortune Town with a passenger pier

How to travel to Fortune Town: The last point is for friends who take passenger boats regularly. You can take the Saen Saep Khlong Pier and get off at the Asoke Pier site. Then take Phetchaburi MRT Station. Then get off at Rama 9 Station and you will arrive at Fortune Town.

⏰ What days is Fortune Town open?

For anyone who wants to visit Fortune Town You can come and use the service every Monday – Friday from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

🏢 Fortune Town, what does each floor have?

Information about Fortune Town on each floor

What does FortuneTown have on floor G?

Toy store center Random boxes, figures, and used old toys for sale. Brand new toy Center for many restaurants of different brands, including savory food, desserts, and drinks such as MK, Yayoi, Khanoi Khor Shabu, Chokdee Steak, Si Suan Suan, Shabu Mala, Conveyor Belt Sukiyaki, Betong, Yum Na Oklao, Burapha Phirom, Mi Yum Charoen, Boat Noodles, Ruean Mae Lui, WOK Korea, KAKASHI, Shabushi Buffet, HENG BAR Heng Family Bar (Newly opened Shop), Giants Fortune Yaakiniku buffet, a center for educational institutions, teaching various subjects such as art , music, singing, center for traditional massage. If anyone has physical pains You can try going down to the G floor for a massage There are many shops. General store, sundries, and everything 20 baht shop, drug store, embroidery shop, flying turtle booth

FortuneTown 1st Floor

Lotus’s (Lotus Department Store) center for restaurants, desserts and drinks, savory foods that can be eaten at restaurants such as KFC, Chester’s Grill, McDonald’s, Katsuya (Katsuya).Ya), Pepper Lunch, Ramen HABU, Subway, and savory restaurant without seats in the restaurant. Must buy to take home to eat, such as Five Star Grilled Chicken, Jaosua Roast Duck, dessert shop, drinks, ice cream shop, where you can sit and eat in the shop, such as Swensen’s, Foong Specialty Coffee & Bar (another coffee shop I would like to recommend, very tasty, Auntie Mee likes to eat Affogato (coffee with ice cream), Mama’s Cafe, Starbuck’s Coffee, Arabica Coffee, Solano Coffee, DOU’荳 – soy milk Tofu, Bellinee’s Bake & Brew , and a dessert shop, desserts, and beverages without seating in the store. Must buy to take home, such as MIXUE milk tea (Mi Xue bubble milk tea is good, delicious, soft), Kamu Kamu Te milk tea, Yamazaki, Food Court, in front of Lotus. Center of leading banks such as Kasikorn Bank (KBANK), Bank of Ayudhya, Bangkok Bank, Krung Thai Bank, CP Fresh Mart, jewelry store, diamonds, jewelry store, glasses store, Watson store (Watson) and Boots True Shop, cabinet flying turtle.

FortuneTown 2nd floor

Lotus’s (Lotus Departmental Store) Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) A center for the sale of mobile phones and gadgets A center for the sale of cameras and camera equipment. photocopy shop Photo shop for ID cards Japanese Restaurant SushiNa (Sushi Na) Cafe Amazon Drink Shop Mezzo Coffee 7-11 (Seven)

FortuneTown 3rd floor

Food World, Blackcanyon Food Center, a center for IT products, various appliances, computers, Entertainment Sound, a shopping center that sells audio equipment. Bank of Bangkok

FortuneTown 4th floor

Center for IT products, various equipment, computers, Amorn Electronic (Amon), Moom Aroi Food Court, Mezzo Coffee, Fortune Town, 4th floor, seats are free and can charge batteries for free. Come sit and relax. Some days, Auntie Mee comes to work here. (The toy shop was previously on the 4th floor, but has now moved to the G floor.)

FortuneTown 5th Floor

Fortune Town, on the 5th floor, there is a second-hand Japanese shop called P & P Japan Shop. There are many items here. The price is not expensive too. If you have a good eye, you might be able to find something you like for a reasonable price 🙂 Parking is on the 5th – 9th floor.

Fortune parking ramp entrance review: it’s really fun, exciting like riding a roller coaster 😝

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