Home Entertainment “Forty days in a row… “Everyone is terrified of Park Narae’s shocking confession.

“Forty days in a row… “Everyone is terrified of Park Narae’s shocking confession.

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Comedian Park Na-rae’s shocking confession left everyone terrified.

On the 5th episode of KBS Joy’s entertainment show ‘Sleep Survival’, the story of a younger brother who had an older sister who was misunderstood for failing to refuse was revealed. MC Park Na-rae drew attention by telling a surprising anecdote saying that she has also been like that.

In the story, Park Na-rae said about the ‘good person complex’, saying, “If you refuse a request, you may think that you are a bad person and accept it to look good.”

He said, “I had been unknown for about 10 years, but I drank alcohol for 40 days in a row saying ‘Where are you?

Below is KBS Joy
Hereinafter, KBS Joy ‘Sulvibal’

Kim Ji-min, who heard this, said, “Think about why you couldn’t say no back then,” and Park Na-rae said, “‘I have to meet this person because I am sad’, ‘I have to meet this person because of a good job’, ‘I didn’t see this person last week, so I have to see it. The meeting continued like this.”

Guest Kim Young-ok, who was listening to this from the side, said, “It’s all one’s responsibility in the end,” and “I liked meeting those people and drinking. How did you not die after 40 days of drinking? Oh my God,” he pouted.

Then Na-rae Park replied shyly, “The fortress doesn’t do that, but…”.


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