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“Forza Horizon 5” will be the biggest game file at launch | XFastest News

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In recent years, the 3A masterpieces, especially the open world type or racing game type, often start at 50GB. For example, when “Forza Horizon 4” was launched, the game file was more than 60GB. The recently launched “Polar “War Howl 6” is also about 60 GB, and if you add a high-resolution texture pack, it will look nearly 100 GB.

The upcoming Forza Motorsport Horizon 5, announced yesterday that the file size of this game is 103 GB, of which 116 GB for the Xbox One platform. The oversized game file directly set a record in the series. It seems that afterwards The 3A masterpiece file will only get bigger and bigger.

According to official sources, pre-downloading games are already available on the Xbox platform. Players can download the game before the game is officially launched. However, if it is a player who downloaded the game before 10/21, remember to check whether the game file needs to be updated. In addition, for the PC platform, it is not currently possible to download the game in advance. If it is a PC version, players will have to wait for official news in the future.

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