Forza Horizon 5’s first DLC collaborates with Hot Wheels again

Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels

In addition to the “Forza Motorsport” series, which is based on track events, the “Forza Motorsport” series released a new generation of “Forza Motorsport” yesterday. 5″, which also released its first DLC, will once again collaborate with the “Hot Wheels” (Hot Wheels) matchbox car to create a variety of crazy tracks.

The Forza Horizon series has had several DLCs throughout its life cycle since its second generation to add content and entice players to stay in its world. Some of these DLCs are very “normal” maps, while others are extremely fanciful maps in cooperation with toy manufacturers. The first such fantasy map appeared in Forza Horizon 3, in collaboration with the Hot Wheels Matchbox car owned by toy maker Mattel. Although “Forza Horizon 4” does not have a complete DLC in cooperation with Hot Wheels (but chose Lego’s Speed ​​Champions series), it also has limited models that include some Hot Wheels.

Now on the first DLC of “Forza Horizon 5”, the Hot Wheels series will return again, bringing back all kinds of crazy track elements of Hot Wheels, not only creating a completely different DLC map from the original Mexico , and players will be able to use these track elements to piece together their own maps. The DLC will also include at least ten exclusive vehicles, three of which are fantasy vehicles from the Hot Wheels series, while the remaining seven are real-life vehicles.

“Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels” is expected to be launched on July 19th. Players who have purchased the top version, top add-on packs, and expansion pack packs do not need to pay extra, while other players can get it now for NT$538 / HK$139 pre-ordered.

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