Found a 78-year-old man who built a pagoda in an empty temple in Chumphon. The last descendant of the Reverend Father Man

I have found “Uncle Poonphon”, 78 years old, who built a pagoda in an abandoned temple in Chumphon. The last heir of the Reverend Father Man reveals the history of Khao Chedi Wisai Tri Rattanaram Temple.

After villagers found an abandoned temple in the middle of the forest in Chumphon province, there were Buddha images, pagodas, cloisters, pavilions and ancient precious objects. It has unfortunately been abandoned and dilapidated for many years. and then bring the photo to post on social media until a large number of people are interested in sharing And even more famous news when a woman from Khon Kaen province shared a post from an abandoned temple And said that if she’ n won 1st prize, she would go to renovate and cut the grass, and the next day she won 1st prize!

Wat Rang Muang Chumphon or Wat Khao Chedi Wisai Tri Rattanaram In fact, it is just a monastic residence without a name in the temple register. Located on a community forest area. Many people agree that it should be restored to continue to exist. Relevant agencies went to the area to modify the landscape. After the villagers came to pay their respects to thousands of people

The entrance to the abandoned temple above has an arch decorated with a beautiful Kanok pattern, about 4-5 meters high, called “Wat Khao Chedi Wisai Tri Rattanaram” On the hill the temple is leave A large Buddha image in the posture of the first sermon, with a lap size of 2 meters, is embedded on a lotus base. It is near the bell-shaped chedi with a round base 4-5 meters in diameter. At the pagoda gate there is a sign indicating that “Dhamma Chedi Ma 8, Tad Luang Maen Chot Palo, built in 1974” Inside the pagoda, there is a storage compartment for 6 emerald green Buddha images, 6 inch lap size, 1 black Buddha image and many sacred objects.

(22 Nov. ’22) Mr. Poonphon Chaengsawang, 78 years old, son of Reverend Father Man And has the only direct descendant who is still alive, said that Reverend Father Dyn was not the pioneer of that place. In the past, that land had no title deed. This is the land occupied by those Coviai villagers on the mountain there The monk’s cubicle is about 4 cubicles under the Kradon tree, and there is Phra Ajarn Valthee, 3 other monks who stay in this temple. Dad or Luang Por He focuses on ethics as the original capital Having faith in this teacher so he called his wife’s children to consult he said that father wanted to be ordained Not everyone opposed his father’s will.

On November 3, 1973, Reverend Father Manaw was ordained, Then, on November 5, 1973, Reverend Father Man put on a yellow robe and walked up the hill to meet Phra Ajarn Valthee. and he was accepted as a monk under his care Later, Venerable Ajahn Valthee wished to seek Dharma. and so he left this thing and started on a long journey. There is only one Luang Pho Maen left.

After that, the Reverend Father Man was doing the activities of the monks. met a good looking stone So told him and another in-laws to find It is said to build a pagoda for the next generation to worship

December 5, 16. The construction of Dhamma Chedi Ma 8 has begun. He and his wife-in-law helped build the structure until it became the shape of the pagoda. And there was a carver called Uncle Wan, who was in his early 50s at that time, to carve it until it became the pagoda we see today. Inside the pagoda are 6 Emerald Buddha images, completed in late 1974.

When the pagoda is complete Reverend Tad Maen wanted to build a large boat to hold rainwater for use in the temple. Then he and his wife-in-law removed the wall of the old house that no one was already there. When Uncle Poonphon was asked that How many years old is the tree? Uncle laughed before answering. I was born and saw it. uncle sitting nearby He added that Uncle Poonphon’s grandmother was the same. I was born and I saw that this wood was already made into a house. Grandma died when she was 104 years old, so it was expected that the forest would be over a hundred years old. But now that wood is gone. Maybe with a lot of weathered wooden trees age So, mortar was used to prevent water leaks.

After about 20 years, the Reverend Father Maan was ill. Due to his old age, Uncle Poonphon had to walk up the mountain to bring rice every day 3 times a day. At that time, the road to up the mountain is very difficult. A man with three cubits even under the yellow cloth He could not bear to see the child in trouble, he decided to take the monk and come to recover at home and later died at home

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