Found a body in a canal! After finding “Nong M”, the patient escaped from the hospital.

After finding “Nong M”, the patient escaped from Khon Kaen Hospital found dead in a canal The director of the hospital ordered full relief for the family.

At 1:30 pm on May 26, 2023, Lt. Lt. Nitiphat Wannachai, Deputy Inspector (Investigation), Muang Khon Kaen Police Station. Receive notification of a dead man’s body found in the canal Soi Prachasamosorn 32, Khon Kaen Municipality so coordinate forensic medicine Colonel Preecha Kengsarikit, Muang Khon Kaen Police Station Superintendent, Investigation and Rescue Department Sawang Khon Kaen Samakkhi Uthit Foundation

At the scene, the body of a dead man was found at least a week ago, with 5 front teeth broken, the tip of the left arm, only bones left. It is expected to be Nong M, aged 37, who disappeared from Khon Kaen Hospital on May 13. The officer then coordinated the family to show the body to confirm that it was him. The body was then sent for forensics. Srinakarin Hospital, Khon Kaen University, detailed autopsy

Mrs Khemthong, 59, the mother, said the family was still suspicious about the death. They had to wait for the autopsy again to confirm the death Before receiving Nong M tomorrow, take him to the ceremony at Wat Pa Intharam.

Kriengsak Dr Watcharanukunkiat the director of Khon Kaen Hospital said that there must be a discussion on the board of Khon Kaen Hospital. Normally, it can be compared to the list of NHSO, but this patient is not a general health insurance patient. Therefore, there must be a separate healing process. The hospital has already informed the patient’s relatives Ready to express condolences and recover urgently


While Pol revealed. Col. Preecha said that no signs of an attack were found at first. But in the investigation, although relatives are not suspicious of the cause of death But the police had to prove that the true cause of death was the case. before proceeding with the next legal steps

read news Set a reward of 10,000 baht for informing clues Nong M escaped from the hospital. Parents suffer.


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