Found a huge amount of DEMCO, totaling 23.27% Executives are shocked!

The big head of DEMCO confirms that he does not know who threw a large amount of 23.27% today and confirms the main shareholders of the group “Pui Panthawong” is not a program maker.

Mr Pongsak Sirikupt, Chief Executive Officer of Demco Public Company Limited (DEMCO), revealed to “E-Finance Thai News Agency” that the company still does not know who is the main stock trading operator (Big Lot) totaling 23.27 % today , which led to a change in DEMCO’s major share structure. Ready to admit that this surprised me a lot. Because I didn’t know before which group was buying and which was selling.

To begin with, I was confident that the group of former large shareholders like Mrs Prapee Puipantawong were not big sellers. Which has to wait and see after this, will the group of new shareholders request a meeting of the shareholders or the management team or not? However, it is confirmed that the company’s business plan is now unchanged. despite the change in the structure of the major shareholder group

By the way, today (November 25, 2022) there was a large amount of DEMCO shares of 170 million shares, representing about 23.27% of the paid-up capital, with a total value of 850 million baht at an average price of 5 baht per share . , which is considered lower than the price on the main trading board which closed the market this morning at 5.85 baht

Although DEMCO explained to the Stock Exchange of Thailand that the sale of Big Lot shares leads to a change in DEMCO’s big share structure.

In this regard, the change in the major shareholder structure mentioned above has no effect on the management power The management structure as well as determining DEMCO’s business policy and do not meet the criteria that must be followed in accordance with the rules of making a tender offer or a tender offer from DEMCO in any way.

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